Thursday, July 2, 2009

Decor to Die For: So many different many different kinds ;) We heart Misfit Vases

Vases, vases everywhere...vases, vases in my chair... vases, vases sooo many to bear! We are uber in heartland with Misfit Vases.

There are more vases on this glorious Earth than one person can ever post about. So many in fact one of us had a mini anxiety attack trying to post. (but its super worth it)

So I sat...waited...and took a deep breath...ahhhh. "What are my fave kinds of vases and decor accessories ever? Hmmmmm. OH! Yes! The ones that are super fun and don't really fit in anywhere but yet they do!".

Anxiety attack ova! (well almost)

OK, so our absolute favorite kinds of decorative accessories are the ones that are sooo "off" they are sooo "on"...the ones that make a room and can give a bland traditional space, spunk and fun and a punk rock vibe.

Here is our ode to one of our fave kinds of decor fun...our fave kinds of vases. The rad kind... the Misfits!

Mind you...this is just a tiny taste of a tweeny few of our most delicious picks.
I actually feel like the decor version of Sophie's Choice I have to leave some behind to introduce you to another :( But must be done!

A decor post is just not a decor post with out our true love and boyfriend, Jonathan Adler.

Although everything he does is absolutely j'adorable... a few of his vases are positively misfits.
Like his boobie vase he named Kiki De Montparnasse, we think after the French Socialite (or maybe the lingerie company).

Its sooo bad and sexy, it's good. So sensual it becomes quirky and funny. A bunch of yellow or bright pink peonies would look amazing in this vase.

Next up on the J.A. super crush train is his boyfriend and girlfriend vases (at least we think they are girlfriend and boyfriend). His Misia

and Salvador vases.

Right??? How cute are they? Such a good couple..and oddly amazing! Imagine these in a boring room at your folks house or your mantle.
Put a black calla lily in her and a yellow in him for uber cuteness.

OMG...sooo wish we had this for our Turkey Day center pieces!

How gorgeously dark and chic is this black thorny rose vase/bowl?!?!

Please...oh please... over flow this beauty with deep ruby red or creamy white opened roses. (Note...cut the stems so only the flower is showing and create a tightly fit cloud of roses cascading over the rim for an Domino Mag worthy arrangement...tear...tear... we miss you D.M.)

Speaking of roses and thorns...look at this yummy and mean vase.

The snow white color and rose thorns gives it such a contradiction in looks and vibe. It's perfectly confused in the best way possible. So misfity!
This one would love to have deep red roses or dark stalks of orchids popping out of the top.

Now for the King of M.V.s (Misfit Vases) Michel Harvey's vases are sooo weird and wrong they are spectacularly incredible.
They can go in any home and give it a little spark and sassiness.

His realistic designs are sooo good they will make any home insta chic! These are also amazing gifts for your shmancy friends that have everything (and the prices are muy bueno for us recessionistas)

Crazy right?
Those are not plastered T shirts...those are 100% crafted ceramic "pottery". His creations are so meticulous it's just wrong!
For the avid shopper in your heart or life he created a line of shopping bags and grocery bags!
Be still our shopping addicted hearts! Yum and yes please.

Fill these bad boy misfits to the brim with an unexpected large headed flower for a real punch through the decor wall.
(Hint...don't do what they did in this looks a wee bit farm-y)

Be bold! Be Punk (not in the lame the take decor chances kinda way)!
Surprise yourself!

Decor should be fun and exciting!

P.S. there are sooo many more so look out for part deux of the misfits

xoxo t.w.h.

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