Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decor to Die For: We heart All White Rooms That Pack A Gentle Pop

I feel like we should apologize to our faithful (and of course, new readers) for our late posts lately. As the stunning Miss Me stated yesterday...we have been the hostesses with the mostest's lately...traveling in a 3 ring circus of fun.

Due to late nights and uber early mornings, we are forced to post a wee bit forgive us, we will be on track soon!

Yummmmmmmm....visualize opening your doe eyes and seeing the warm crispness of clean white walls, fluffy white pillows, decadent creamy couches...ahhhhhh heaven.

There is something sooo uber chic, inviting and zen like about a well done white room.

So this obsession white white rooms that pop started when I moved into my 1st real apartment.

Just moving from the craziness of Hollywood and leaving my "Vampire Nights" (aaahhh that reminds us of Edward C....OMFG we are still in uber heartville with you EC...ooopsies) behind..I needed a place of good, clean, and peaceful.

I envisioned everything being heaven....and every book, trinket or crystal (yup...crystals..super pretty in white rooms!) or pillow would pop out at you and welcome you in.

So the mission was on...I painted my floors white, got a white bed, white walls, white linens....hmmmm why did I feel like I was stuck in a cotton ball instead of a cloud of chicness?

Time to figure it out.

When done right there is nothing like it...just add in a few pops of crispy bright colors and textures and watch out Kelly W!

But if done will feel trapped or sterile like being in a hospital or insane asylum.

Here are some amazing examples of fantastical, spectacularly chic white rooms with a pop.

First and certainly rooms...our fav! (there are quite a few examples of LRs but you can always use what you see here and apply to a different room)

This LR the perfect example of a white room done right. There may not be a small punch or pop of bright colors (our fav) but wow is it stunning.

The gorge charcoal grey couch, against the crisp white and perfect textures, make this living room welcoming and TDF! AHHHHHH it's sooooo good!!!!

OK bookmark that one and file away!

For all you modern lovers how cute is this room? The bold and modern white, against the small painted pop walls is so cute and fun.
It's clean, crisp, and bright. There are not too many textures or different elements, but it's great. The contrast of the lime green and turq walls against the whiteness is fab!

Wowzers! How f'n chic and sleek is this gorge white living room? SOooooo crispy and clean.
The pop of the bright pink pillow and the grey stark lines in the beautiful rug help keep it lively and not sterile.
The ebony wood of the vintage style chairs against the white boucle fabric is soooo TDF! To make the room more inviting and livable they added bright touches of floral arrangements and muted colored 70's art.

OK...everyone take a deep and and out... for these next 2 rooms.

They both (totally different vibes) manage to make Shabby Chic furniture and styling, anything but Shabby and totally Chic.
They are the perfect mixture of textures, crispy white with bright pops, gorge furniture and wonderful clashes of modern and vintage.

This would be the perf living room for a beach town.

The vintage white furniture with the warmth of the industrial wood table mixed with the fluffy rug against the black wood flooring is simply divine.! Really? Yup this is real.
Domino mag...tear!

How great is this vintage settee covered in ridiculously luscious bright pillows?
The bright pops of color from the pillows and the fun and bright trinkets on the perfectly styled bookshelf are fantastic!
Paired with chrome sconces and a black and white silhouette picture take this eclectic mix to the next level of chic and inspirational.

Perfect, perfect, perfect foyer of gorgeousness, fun, vivaciousness and chicness!!!!

Of course its from our BF Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange.

Imagine walking into this fun, tart, bright and vivacious space! The white is the perfect background for the bright and bold accessories to tell the perfect story and give off a fabulously j'adorable vibe. UGGHHHH JA...we HEART YOU!

OK...we are back...on to the place where the magic happens...well some magic..the magic that fills your belly and where most of your time is spent hanging...the kitchen.

There are no words...none at all that can explain my extreme jealousy (in a very good way and every once in a while bad way) of white and marble kitchens.
No words at all other than...HEAVENLY CHIC! (sorry for the yelling).

Oh, hello....welcome to our perfectly warm and inviting white kitchen.

Yup it's totally white and clean and warm. Oh yes that is an industrial farm house table to help make it even more rad and inviting.
Oh...haha yes...those cute turquoise and chrome accents are terribly amazing and chic.

Yup...again we have another ridic and crazy chic white kitchen.

The pop accents are really more from the big chrome pendant lights and mix of textures and eras than bold pops of color. But it somehow totally works and is anything but sterile and boring. What I wouldn't do for a marble table like that with white cane chairs anchored by plush wingbacks. YUMMM.

Speaking of eating...try not to feel envious of this tiny dining nook.

So small, yet so perfectly and stylishly jam packed with pops of bright color and fun. The white becomes it's own bright color when paired with a loud yellow arc lamp and fun zebra rug below gorge white molded chairs.

Looking for a bit more design friendly way to do a white kitchen? Here it is.

Just a pop of sea glass blue on the backsplash (i hate that word) matched with blue cushioned barstools against the marble and white cabinets....easy peasy beautiful. may be saying (well maybe it's my inner voice telling me)... "I can't put together rooms like that? Where the heck am I gonna find those items in an affordable way and with in reach? I am lost when it comes to different textures and mixing vibes"
Well, inner voice and friends alike, here is the easiest and most wallet friendly way to do so.

Here are 2 examples of how simple, bold and bright accessories can turn an all white room into utter Chicville.

All white desk and white a fuchsia chair and leopard rug.
VOILA! Done and done.

Gorgeousness does not do this simple white marble bathroom justice...but the sunshine yellow accessories do.
So easy and simple yet it makes suuuch a big impact.

Be bold...have live there after all.

P.S. Oxy Clean and Fantastic are your friends for white rooms

P.P.S. PBJ sandwiches on toddler fingers are not.

P.P.P.S. But imagine how relaxing it is after you wipe up all of the stains to sit in your room o' heaven.

Ohhhh we are relaxed and ready for bed again ;) yawn!!!

xoxo t.w.h.

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katie said...

These images are soooooo dreamy! I especially love the kitchen!

Just thought perhaps you'd like to see this example from Ethan Allen!