Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yummies: We heart shmancy Chocolate bars (big surprise)

As I was waiting in the airport (3 hours early...why??), I decided my time would be well spent if I went shopping (well..food hunting really..kinda like shopping..right??) and I came across this amazing candy shop (obv. I was NOT at LAX ;) ) and their chocolate bar display made me feel like a kid in a...well...candy store!

They had the most gorgeous assortment of candy bars. Ones that I (a huuuuggggeeee Chocoholic) have never seen!

So, like the addict that I am, I decided I had to try one (a few) and it was really just for research if you think about it.

Like a write off for your tummy (and tush)...It was divine!

Here's to the one that inspired us to write about our uber heart for Gourmet Chocolate Bars (GCB)......

.....Chocolove 73% Dark Chocolate Bar.
Thank you! Thank you for soooo many reasons. Thank you for being super dark with out being bitter.
Thank you for your smoothness and richness that helped me not eat the entire bar. And most of all (well 2 things really), thank you for being organic and thank you for your ridiculously amazing packaging!!!!

Really??? ChocoLOVE xoxo??? Soooooo cute!!!!

We haven't tried this next one, but after reading all about it we are soooo in. Wanna eat a Gourmet Chocolate Bar and save the Earth?!?

Ya, no kidding! Theo Chocolate created the Jane Goodall Organic Chocolate Bar (wow, thats a mouthful and a yummy one at that). It's a super rich, super satisfying bar that actually can help our world!!!

The proceeds from each Certified Organic and Free Trade bar goes to the preservation of rain forests, youth education around the world and last but certainly not least (come on! it's Jane Goodall) it helps the JG Institute that helps save Chimpanzees around the Globe. WOW! Our hero! Chocolate bars and save the world?

Done and Super Done!
Rei sells a few of her World saving and Craving satisfying yummies.

We were introduced to Voges pronounced ˈfō-gəs- (hee hee it took us a while) at one of our fav Coffee places in LALA.
They had this crazy yet beautiful GCB display at the register, just beggin for us to buy. Instead of being wrapped in a normal foil or beautiful paper wrapper, these are delicately packaged in a recycled paper box. A box so well styled, it suits the yummy gift that is inside. We are not sure that Voges does just regular chocolate...but what we are uber sure of is they do gourmet chocolate and decadent, eclectic chocolate like nobodies business.

The one that caught our eyes was a spicy bacon chocolate (um...yeah...chunks of bacon...but it's a seller) but then we saw this next one...The Black Pearl!

Now as we were secretly waiting for our BF Johnny Depp to pop into our mouths (oooppssieee...that sounded waay worse than we meant...hee hee) when the GCB is opened...the surprise is probably just as tasty (again...that sounds worse than we mean!). Its dark chocolate that is delicately filled with wasabi, sesame seeds and Japanese ginger! Wow! Wow! That is worth a try...or 3.

Upon our new obsession with Voges we came across another one of their amazing culinary defeats in Choc...the Naga bar.

It has the best flavors of India all wrapped up in the best flavor the earth has. Sweet curry powder, toasted milk and coconut with dark chocolate. Um..YES PLEASE!!! (for sooo many reasons!)

P.S. This is a pic of Voges...
No wonder they make gorgeous GCB!

Need a more simple or easier on the palate version of GCBs ...or maybe one that your brain is ready for? Try Chocoloves, ginger and dark chocolate bar.

We bought a few of these for a friend of ours that has everything and he was blown away!

He called us immediately and said it was one of the best pieces of choc he has ever had and then proceeded to recite the poem that was included inside!!!!!
If t.w.h. ever created GCB this would for sure be our biggest inspiration!

The gorge Miss Me not only has the best taste in the world...she also has the best taste in chocolate.
So when she told me of her love for lavender chocolate, I was immediately intrigued.

We found a new one that she has yet to try (shhhh I think I will order a few for her), Dagoba organic chocolate with lavender and dried blueberries! Yum and wow.

So gentle and soft sounding yet totally luxurious and delish. It's like yoga or meditation all wrapped up in a beautiful wrapper! See?... Healthy and super yummy ;)

Last but certainly not least is a collection of bars from our most favorite gourmet grocery store in the whole world...Dean and Deluca!!!!

Their decadent assortment of the most popular flavors of GCBs are anything but normal. One bite of D&Ds silky, rich and full bodied (wow sooo official sounding) chocolate will send you into a heaven filled with floating chocolate bunny rabbits and glittery sugar tinkerbells.

You can try all 6 in their convenient Purist and Risk takers pack. Oh and don't scream in ecstasy when you bite into the Caramel Chocolate one.

P.S. Dark Choc is chock full of antioxidants... (great for your skin) we're just sayin'

P.P.S. There are sooooo many amazing GCB to try (we weren't allowed to do them all...after all, we do have a trainer over seeing our every sugar induced move) but here is a great site that sells a few more delish options.

P.P.P.S. Chocosphere (amazing name!) has rad GCB that you or us have prob never heard of from around the world! It's like traveling the globe with your mouth!

t.w.h. (we didn't need the xoxo because that ridic rad label from chocolove did it for us)


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