Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yummies: Mexican Food!!

Oh man, we miss California right now... Not only because all of our loved ones are there... But because California is the best place to get Mexican food! 
(Aside from Mexico of course!) 

We miss burritos and fish tacos and yummy guacamole... All washed down with a nice cold Corona... HEAVEN! 

Fish Tacos beer battered or grilled are most definitely a yummy for that tummy of yours. 

For the beer battered variety we would hit up one of your local spots... If you happen to live near a Sharky's then you my friend are one lucky little tamale! The Tempura Battered Fish Taco is to die for!!!

If you are craving a healthy and non-fried option... And we are not here to judge.
We took this scrumptious looking picture from Vintage Victuals, where she has complete step-by-step directions to make some for yourself.... YUMMMMM!

Huevos Rancheros??? Yes please! We can hardly get enough of this filling and delicious breakfast treat... Miss Me's mom actually makes a really good version using a recipe that was handed down to our family from the Mama of my oldest friends... Thanks Tia Toni! Another reason I miss home! :( 

Ok, we are going to admit something here that we are not afraid to say... Ok maybe we are a little reluctant to admit this... But, here we go.... One of the best and most decadently yummy things you can ever eat is a Mexican Pizza with no meat from none other then Taco Bell! 

A really great veggie option (No fish!) is a chilli relleno... I wish I could make these sooooo bad. But until I learn how, I guess I will have to bike down to Taco Surf with my husband and share these and a bucket of Coronitas..
Heaven! Oh wait did I already say that? 

For the picky eater (or 3 year old) in your life... Nothing beats a plain old cheese quesadilla. Delicious, simple, filled with love. 

Hahahaha.... Nachos....Hahahaha

California here we come... Right back where we started from. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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