Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Hearts: We heart bows!!

Because we are always telling you about our inner turmoil over being tom-boys but still loving and longing for all things feminine, you will not be surprised to find out that we heart bows in a big, big, way. 

Nothing can steal our hearts faster then a well placed bow detail on any item of clothing. (Except for maybe kittens, puppies and adorable chubby babies in bows!) 

We know a certain lovely lady who has a pair of these amazing Chanel booties with bows down the arch of the foot, and we want to die of envy every time we see them. 

Any body know a good rent-a-shoe web-site for us? :) 

Now, I believe deep down in my heart, that only one lady can truly pull off a giant bow on her head while still maintaining a sexy and sophisticated over all look. 

And all of you know that that one lady is Blair Waldorff, who I think I have mentioned once, twice or thirty times before on this blog. But if you feel brave enough to try it, then please go here

For a bow look that is more every-gal, how about this beautiful Foley & Corrina dress? What a perfect L.B.D! So simple, but with so much style. 
Perfect for a black tie wedding. 

Another great more affordable option is this great bag from Kimchi & Blue. You can get yours at Urban Outfitters, and wear it every day! Why not? It is as amazing casual as it is dressy. 

Looking for some killer heels? Well look no further. A classic combination of sex-kitten and sweetness. 

These pumps in Valentino red are worth every penny. Yummy. 

Oh my, this See by Chloe dress is adorable! Thanks Miss t-w-h for all your help finding cute bow details! This one is a sure fire winner. 

Wow, I take it back, I can actually see myself in this with a giant red bow in my hair a'la Miss Waldorff! (A girl can dream right?) 

Any way you slice it, or tie it a bow is an adorable way to set off your outfit! 
We think they are really fun and can be either sexy or super sweet. 

Have fun with your clothes, and if you see any amazing bows out there, let us know! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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