Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart day after hair help... Uber hearting hair powders!

OK, so we have all heard, seen or used the infamous dry shampoo hair sprays to make our gorge blowouts from last longer.
but recently after a very no bueno experience with Bumble and Bumble, we began our search for something um less...hmmm annoying :)

Sowwy B&'s just at those prices and the small bottle and the huge stream of colored powder that comes out me thinks me can find a better way to that sexy day after Brigitte Bardo hair...

So, the search was on and ended in utter heartville...the answer was right under our fingers...well in our medicine cabinets + the internet = the answer.
Hair Powder!...the answer to our dream for a longer lasting blowout from the amazing Ruby Weiser Surry or awesome Kristoff Ball or whom ever is your hair magician or even just to get that sexy slept in look.
Wooo hooo!

We super heart this hair powder from Lulu Organics for soo many reasons (of course the ridiculously amazing vintage-ish packaging doesn't hurt) but most of all for the gorgeous scents they infuse into their silky fine oil absorbing hair powder.
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Our fav is the patchouli's sooo not stinky nouveau hippie (sorry..hee hee?) it's sexy and a man magnet. Yes please!

But try them all or at least smell them all...they are truely beautiful scents.
Wanna be a bit more feminine? The tuberose will melt your heart and take you to another time.

A friend told us about her obsession with Umi products...she always has the perfect disheveled look from their Tonic and she swears by their hair powder.
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I gave her a looksy and a smell test (not as gross as it sounds) and it was amazing.
Her hair looked sexy and slept in (after her 3rd day of not washing) and smelled super fresh. We are in!

The other day while I was perusing morning talk shows (Hey! I'm an actor... what else do I have to do) I came across The Mike and Juliet Show and they just happened to do a segment on a uber cool hair powder called All Nighter.

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I was blown away by the number of different colors they have 6 to match any color so you don't get that grey baby powdery look! We can't wait to try this all natural hair wonder!

Watch the video to see how well it works and buy it here.

This next one from the uber cute Shampowder totally caught our eyes and our attention.

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How perf is this on the go packaging? ...not to mention the perfectly blendable colors.

Super smart to make this product so easy to use. Just toss in your shmancy pants bag and be oil free and full of sexy texture.

Oh and smells like VANILLA! Shampowder, you had us at vanilla, well that and the super easy application.

Geez louise! Come on people...our wallets are hurting and you know how crazy we get about retro and vintage cutesy packaging!
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How can you do this to us, Open Sundaes?
But, us being the recessionistas that we are, realize what a great deal your amazing products are. At $13 a pop and flavors like Lemon (blondes), Strawberry (reds) and Chocolate (brunettes) we are in like Flynn and super happy you are bringing this sometimes too modern world your uber cute and nostalgic packaging.
And PS..they smell delicious and work great!

So live a little (more) and skip a shampoo or 2 (it's not good for your hair anyway to wash too much) and spend your time having fun...not shampooing.

xoxo t.w.h.

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