Monday, July 13, 2009

Beauty-Fuls.... Vintage Cosmetic ads!

Well if you have not noticed, we really heart vintage advertising. While looking around the web we were struck by how many amazing old ad campaigns made us stop in our tracks... Inspiration everywhere!! 

Like honestly, this Angle Face by Ponds ad makes me want to go buy a compact... And wear a blue hat with red lipstick!

Super sexy Revlon ad circa 1950. 

And this one is just so sweet, and you know what it is true, 
us girls work really hard for that "Natural look men look for". 

It takes a lot of makeup to look like you are not wearing makeup! 

This is one serious up-do... That can not all be her hair.. But what a cool picture, reflected over and over again! Please someone steal this idea for a photo shoot quick! 

Alright, this one is a little creepy.... But really cute none the less..... 

Ok, yeah, so maybe just creepy.. moving on. 

To the iconic Charlie ad!! We love that this ad 
so perfectly captures a huge corporate conglomerate cashing in on the women's right movement of the 1970's.... Woopsie, 

We totally mean how it captures the youth and independence of the modern girl. 

And this super drop-dead-sexy androgynous photo of the lovely Catherine Deneuve.

 Chanel No. 5 continues to have some of the best advertising. 

This Revlon ad is just super 1980's cheese, We love it! 
Plus, the lipstick color reminds us of our new favorite hue from Sephora, but more on that later. 

So these days we know how wrong this is... But we could not resist the super cute photo!! 

Please remember to use self tanner people... You can still sit around on the beach with your friends in adorable bikinis.. Just fake it, don't bake it! 

Now this picture is up just for the hair... 

We can't get over it! 

Holy smokes how amazing are these dresses?!
What in the world? How can I get one? No wait... How can I get two so Miss t-w-h and I can wear matching dresses a'la Iman and Kelly Lebrock.

 Because really we would look just like them! Pretty much, well kind of, only shorter... and a little more Jewish. 

OMG... Could an advertisement that I remember so crystal clear really be vintage? 
No we are going to simply call this one slightly last week... or well maybe slightly Junior High... Yes that is it, Junior High ads. 

Because if anything says 1992 to me.. It is Cindy Crawford, Revlon and a whole bunch of bad fashion choices on my part. 
(biker shorts under boxers? How cute.) 

This whole Revlon campaign brings me back to a time when "Super Models" ruled the earth and the actresses just tried to keep up. 
A simpler time before Us magazine and lunatic star crazed paparazzi. 

A time when young girls wall-papered their bedrooms with Vouge tear sheets of Cindy, Linda, Christy, Helena, Claudia and yes, a time when even Naomi seemed alright. 

When Calvin Klein perfume ads were the sexiest thing around.... 

A time when Kate Moss was the baby and a boy named Marc Jacobs started to design knit hats and tube skirts for Perry Ellis. 

Thank you Glamazons... Because at 12 I didn't look a thing like you, but these days, it is nice to remember that once sexy curvy women were the S*%t! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

(P.S- If we have used you images and not given you credit here... Please let us know who you are and we will adjust it A.S.A.P- Thank you!)

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