Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart beauty blogs!

OK, by now you probably have figured out how much we luuuurve a great beauty product and we are a wee bit obsessed with finding the newest fun products to help make us feel a bit more luxurious and lovely.
So we thought hmmm...why don't we pay homage to our fav beauty obsessed sister blogs that we get oh soooo inspired by...

These are 5 of the best places to go for your ultimate beauty sit tight beauty junkies...hold on to your make up bags (and wallets) and have a blast reading the cutest most informative beauty blogs around!

P.S. Because these are all our most favorite-y faves...they are in no particular order...oh wait! Yes they will be in alphabetical order so no one feels left out! ;)

Not interested in beauty products? Not a junkie of all things glam-y or just a simple, easy breazy beauty?
Well then look no further than All Laquered Up.

One of the best nail (yup nails and toe nails!!) blogs to turn to.
Her crazy amount of knowledge, research and love of all things for your "digits" is on another level!
You would never think there was sooo much for your gorgeous phalanges! She was the reason we knew matte polish was going to be HUUUGEEE (it will...just watch).

Beauty Addict...we LOVE this one!

It's written sooo cute. Kinda like a diary and soo quirky. And the products she finds and (really) tests out are soooo good!
They are not the..."hmmm..I'm gonna go on other blogs and see whats cool out there and post too.." finds, tests and totally informs her readers of the raddest, and sometimes not the most "Cool" or "PR" backed products around...but they are always great, useful and trusted.

Oh yes!!!! We lurvey love this one!

Thank you Beauty Parler (yes, we are sure she knows the spelling is silly) for your amazing and cute writing, your fantasmic knowledge and just being super easy and fun to read.
She always posts about the latest and greatest products out there and always has a lot (but never too much..she never gets boring) of info to back it up.

Oh...p.s. her pictures to go along with her posts are soo will never wonder what she is talking's like reading a magazine.

Love, love, heartville Beauty Snob!!!!!! From beautiful people, to beauty and fitness and home remedies...this one packs a 1..2 PUNCH! It reads like a who's who of products and blog rolls.
This blog is part of the spectacular Snob family (scroll down on her site to see what we mean) so you know you are in good hands...or faces ;)
So informative! So fun! So easy to read! And sooo many reviews and tips you will never have to read the yucky gossip sites ever again!!! WOooo hooo...

And last but soooooo not least our go blog....Bella Sugar.
Sound familiar??? That's because it's the hot sister to Pop Sugar and Fab Sugar and Casa Sugar and the rest of the amazing Sugar family of blogs.
Not only does Bella have countless beauty product trails, quick and simple explanations and product breakdowns, the most of the moment product...they also have amazing contests where they team up with (who we assume is a hhuuuuggge sponsor and product pusher of theirs..) Sephora. They do weekly giveaways and contests.
Now we don't think they test all of the products they talk about (I mean who has the time or the skin?) but the info they give you is, for lack of a better word, informative.
This is a for sure go to beauty blog. Oh and hit up their other sites too!
Sooo many beauty products sooo little time...or sooo many products and sooo little idea of what to do with them??? You are in is the one...the only...the famous YouTube sensation....Panacea81.
Stop going to the mall and either paying for a makeup lesson, or being coerced into buying a million things from the girl who not so skillfully applied your mask o' makeup...visit P81 and learn all of the tricks and trades that you really will never find anywhere else.

She is sooo good, you will actually go out and spend some of your hard earned paycheck to do keep up with her fantastic tutorials.

Hey...there is a reason she has over 7,000,000 (7,152,899 to exact), her own website and her own channel with 245,000 subscribers.

Feel beautiful (you are), be beautiful...and reward your inner beauty with a lil outer beauty gift ;)

xoxo t.w.h.

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