Monday, July 27, 2009

Beauty: She Bangs!!

So I will admit that I got truly fixated on the style and look of this girl band the Plastiscines when I saw them in my Nylon magazine this month... 
Now I have not head them yet.. So I am judging this book by it's cover... But what a cute cover! 

Four really cute French girls with super cute style and um... Yeah they all have super adorable French girl bangs! So of course, I had to get mine chopped A.S.A.P! 

Bangs are one of those looks I go back and forth on, back and forth, back and forth. Bangs have dumbfounded me for my whole life, because sometimes bangs can make you feel either like a 6 year old, or when they are just right, they can make you feel like a super sexy sex kitten a'la Bridget Bardot... And you can't get much better then that! So, how to solve this mystery of getting perfect bangs? Lets look to some Bang Queens for hope and inspiration. 

Bridget Bardot is forever the queen of the sexy, loose and fringy bangs. 

If her hair was up or down, she really knew how to work those bangs. 

Another icon of bangs and all around cutness is Jane Birkin... Really with the knee socks? Jane Birkin's bangs added just that litle touch of sexy to her school boy look. 
UH-OH! Looks like we just found a new style idol... I want every part of her outfit above.. Birkin wore her bangs more blunt then Bardot, a look that is captured by the adorable Liv Tyler. 

When you look like LIv Tyler, it is hard to go wrong, but she really looks adorable with her straight blunt bangs and silky black hair. Her bangs just make he big blue eyes pop that much more. 

Now for all the little pixie loving girls reading... Those of you who were blessed with delicate bone structure, you may be able to pull off this look. 

Yes, it is the Louise Brooks Bob, the originator and creator of this little pixie cut with the short blunt bangs... This hairdo was so racy in Louise's day that fathers used to lock their daughters inside the house so they wouldn't run to the beauty parlor and cut their lovely locks! 

Moving on to our generations Bang Queen. The lovely and painfully adorable Zooey Deschanel. 
Here we have a perfectly scientific graph showing that Zooey has her bang to face ratio mastered. 

Equally cute when she wears them messy with her hair down, 
as she is when she wears them sleek and sexy in a really cute and fancy up-do... 

Miss, Deschanel is not F*&%King around with this bang master thing... We have a lot to learn from this raven haired beauty. 

Here is a fun game... Better with or with out bangs? 
Some of Hollywoods cuties give us the choice... 

Hillary Duff? I say better with! Takes her away from kiddo into sultry. 

Rachel Bilson? Neither of these photos do her justice.. She is a winner either way. 
We super crush on her with or without! 

Goldie Hawn, Woopsie, I mean Kate Hudson? I say better without, she needs to keep her cute hippie parted in the center style. 

Now if you were to ask hair stylist to the stars.. (and to Miss Me,) 
Mrs. Ruby Wieser-Surry, she will be sure to shake her head at how many people came in with this magazine tucked under their arm asking for both the bangs and hair color of Kate Moss on this W cover. 
And like Ruby patiently explained to me for the one millionth time, even if you cut your hair exactly like Kate Moss, and have the exact shade of blonde as Kate Moss... You are not going to LOOK like Kate Moss... But it is worth a try right? 

Have fun, experiment with your hair... Remember thats why God invented bobby pins! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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