Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion Friday: Sweats... YEAH... Sweats!

So, to put it simply, we heart sweats. But it really is not that simple... Because our love is deep and true for these cozy little pants.
But they have to be cute sweats... No Rocky Balboa plain old sweats will do, we are talking Karate Kid level cutes here. (Oh Daniel-son) 

So lets start with these stylish sweats from Monrow
They are so amazing that Miss t-w-h was on the internet a.s.a.p ordering them, to bad we are going to steal them from her and claim that they were "lost" in the laundry. 

Perfectly soft and worn heather grey cotton, with just the right amount of stylish detail to take them far away from ordinary grey Hanes Her Way sweats. You will actually look super sexy and cute in these. 

These 921 sweat pants are super cozy and they fit like a glove. 
Every surfer girl should own a pair. 

We are really into the one leg dip dye situation going on in the leg. 
So cute and unexpected. 

What was that you say? You don't want to spend so much on lounge wear? Well jeesh, I guess you aren't as lazy as the t-w-h girls... Thats ok we get it. 

But have no fear, because Pink for Victoria's Secret has lots of cute and recession proof cozy pants. 
We love the look and feel of faux vintage sweats, and these ones with the little bronze studs are super cute and slightly punk. 

Comfy, Cozy, Cute... These "boyfriend style" sweats from Pink will have all 3 C's covered. 

Now don't get us wrong... We have lots of cute sweats we love... But we live and die for our LAMB sweats. 
From the brain of one of the most fashion forward women of our generation, who understands the importance of being super sexy even while you are just relaxing... Miss Stefani never fails to make the cutest sweat pants. 

Oh my GOD... I had a pair of Love by YAYA sweats once... They were everything a sweat pant should be, 
fitted around the bootie, low waisted drawstring, and with the perfect little genie leg. Alas, they were lost in the great overpowered dryer incident of 2008. 
(R.I.P Old Friend)

But wait, what light thru yonder window breaks? It is Karen Zambos Vintage Couture and cashmere is the sun. 

Holy F*%K wads... These are amazing and T.D.F 
(In this case that means To.Drain.For as in drain the bank account) 

Another Bad Creation from G.S are these Harajuku Lovers sweat pants. 
These would be great with a little bikini top and a skimpy tank this summer. 

So if we never got hot we may never take our sweat pants off... But we think we may have found a solution to that problem... 

Monrow once again steps in with a super stylish pair of heather grey yummy pants. 

Can we say how much we love the styling in these pictures? I really wish I was wearing this right now... Sigh.... 

Remember people, just because you are incredibly comfy and relaxed is no reason not to be wearing a fantastic pair of pants. 

Thank you to Shop Bop for all of the wonderful pictures. We are constantly looking to this site for inspiration and to fulfill all the holes in our wardrobe. 
Please go check them out today. 

XOXO- Thing-We-Heart

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