Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yummies: We heart Hangover Cures...not the hangover!

Really? This is how we feel?
Uggggghhhhh! We are never drinking again!

Well at least not tonight :) hee hee.

There is nothin' more fun than a night out drinking with a few of your favorite girls...NOTHING (well perhaps a shopping spree at Barney's...we digress).

Drinking, dancing, laughing, drinking, strutting, drinking, falling...then passing out with all of your makeup on only to wake up with a CRAZY headache to the sound of the TV you left on and the smell of what ever you accidentally ordered from room service.
What?? Noooo..not us! We just meant we are sure it has happened to other people ;)

But seriously...what the heck is it with hangovers?! They ruin your day as well as other peoples around you. You are stuck inside on a gorge day praying to the porcelain God.

Well have no fear...the girls of T.W.H. are here!

We bring you...HANGOVER CURES!....ooooppsie. Sorry to shout that sooo loud...shhhhh. Here they are.

The first and most popular for literally centuries...The Hair of the Dog.

Super cute saying and it actually works! So it simply means...what ever you drank the night before that got you in this predicament...drink again in the am. (but obv not to the degree that got you here in the first place)
Speaking of Hair of the Dog....the #1 cure in the US is....a Bloody Mary.

The breakfast of champions!
The tomato juice and the celery are full of vitamins and a wee bit o' fiber to get that system flowing (if you know what we mean...well girls don't because we don't do stuff like that), the spices help get the blood flowing and it is "The Hair of the Dog" too.

Make your own! or just have the cute boy at the pool bring you one.

Our numero 2 cure? Well..it's none other than the one and only.....greasy yummy super bad for you in the best way possible...fast foods!

Nothing will make you feel instantly better than a slice of pizza...yummmmm

Or a plate of salty...delicious french fries dipped in ranch dressing.

The salt will help you retain water from the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. (we may have made that up, but it sounds super official)

Or the ultimate dynamic duo...

doughnuts and Toxic Hell quesadillas.


1 of each and we promise you...you will be out and about in no time flat. We don't know why but greasy or fatty foods just help. So don't question it...eat it and feel better. Diet tomorrow!
(shhhh don't tell our trainers)

OK, don't want to feel guilty about your hangover cure methods and foods? Here are 2 that are great for hangovers and for your bikini body (just no where near as fun to eat)
Bananas and eggs. Yup! Simple and they work.

Bananas (like Gatorade...another GREAT helper) are chock full of potassium, to aid against dehydration, and electrolytes that the nasty Vodka Soda or Jack N Coke you drank deplete your body of.

Eggs are full of cysteine, a substance that helps your liver break down last nights toxins and soak up the remainder of them still floating around in there.

Oh wait!! We forgot the most important one! Drink tons of water and coconut water. You need to flush out your body and replenish the good fluids that the mean alcohol fluids kicked out.

Last but not least...the hangover pill..hmmmm sounds interesting.

It's full of vitamins and minerals that you need the day after. But we found 2 problems with it...
1. You have to take during and after you drink. "Cheers guys! woooo hooooo!!! Oh wait! I have to take a hang over pill" Hi Debbie Downer...
2. You also have to take the next day...um..hello..have you met my new BFF the toilet and barf bowl?

Things not to do although they seem like they would totally work-

Coffee- Although it feels suuuper good to drink a cup o' joe (i just did and then read what will happen to me in an hour....dang it!) about an hour after you do...you may feel worse since its a diuretic and depletes your bod of h2o.

Aspirin- This is a no no! Super bad for your tummy and liver..especially when mixed with that nasty friend...alcohol

But the best thing ever to do for a nasty hangover?

Crawl into bed (or a friends), rent movies, close the drapes and order pizza and grilled cheese and milk shakes.

P.S. Sorry for the late post!!! But we are sure you have figured out why ;)

P.P.S. You know when your mom (or friends) say not to mix alcohol??? LISTEN!

A rad mask that people started to use for hangovers ;)

xoxo t.w.h


Healthy Butt said...

I enjoy reading your blogs and reviews, but I must disagree with you on the salty/greasy foods thing. The salt in the foods actually makes you MORE dehydrated after a long night of drinking and you retain it in a bloating fashion. EWWWWWWWWW
The best cures for a hangover are to 1. drink 2-3 liters of water BEFORE a drinking session-throughout the day 2. drink 1 liter of water BEFORE passing out and take a Motrin or two 3. avoid the fast food before bed 4. the next morning eat a BALANCED breakfast or lunch to help you regain nutrients lost during your awesome night out: think whole wheat carbs (toast, pancakes, waffles), lower sodium proteins eggs are great, water dense fruit (think watermelon) and 5. DRINK TONS AND TONS of that H2O and add a gatoraide to really rehydrate yourself!

Anonymous said...

Try a recovery patch next time you party.