Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Hearts: Gizmo!!

Wow... Really is it 12pm? 

Well, we have no excuse for being late everyday of the week this week this week except for the fact that it has been a busy one for the things we heart girls... 
Lets just say what we have been up to this week is akin to hosting a wedding each night for 6 nights in a row... 

Last night while we were sipping our Vodka and Club Soda's and taking deep breaths preparing for our hostess' with the mostess' duty we saw a really awesome friend of ours... 

Lets call him Fireball, and lets just say God had his metal on he day he created Fireball. This guys is not messing around. Long flowing locks and full on almost ZZ Top status beard... But as bad-ass as this guy looks, what came to Miss Me's mind was Gizmo! The cuddly fury little ball of love from the movie Gremlins! 

Remeber the Gremlins? The totally awesome movie from the 1980's with none other then the lovely Phoebe Cates? 

This dad buys his son a little fury love ball from a creepy old Chinese man and doesn't pay attention to the strict set of rule the old guy gives him? 

Then Gizmo starts multiplying when he gets wet and then they feed him after midnight and suddenly there are hundreds of gross green slimy gremlins running around the town causing havoc? 


So we dedicate this post to Fireball, because we cant help but wanna cuddle him when we see him and lurking inside that adorable exterior is a super bad ass. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Googotz said...

Hells yes. This beard is made for maximum cuddles.