Friday, July 10, 2009

Fashion Friday: We crazy heart the oh sooooo (im)Perfect Tee!

I really can't think of a more perfect piece than a perfectly Imperfect T, to complete, compliment and create an ease in our fashion wardrobe.

No...seriously...I can't...OK, maybe a pair of amazing black or dark wash skinny jeans... but besides that...nada.

Por Que you ask?

Nothing can go with so many pieces or set the tone of an outfit like the perfectly imperfect t-shirt.
It's like the Infomercial of does it all. It can dress something up or down, can make you look chic and super RTG, it can make you look sooo good but like you don't care too much and best of all, they go with everything!!!

And P.S. These are the new breeds of I.T. (Imperfect Tees), not the amazing old standbys, like the worn out, paper thin modal/rayon ones (although we still UBER heart those a lot!!!).

Woo hoo...

So hold on tight ladies... here are a few we know you will heart. (in no particular order).

Leave it to Free People to make a one shoulder Grecian t-shirt.

There is something super rad about this shirt.

Usually one shoulder tops (and dresses) signal shmancy or night time sexy, but FPs version is unusually sexy and casual at the same time.

The yummy fabric and perfect draping make this shirt super wearable and very versatile. How cute would this look with these destroyed slouchy jeans...

(hee hee they are from FP too...1 stop shop) and flip flops or converse...and a tan ;)

Every one will be super jealous in a good way!

Thank you La Rok for making a drapey t-shirt imperfectly perfect dress.

The amazing Miss Me used this for her rad Ballet fashion post and it's sooo cute, it deserves to be in another.

La Rok took a PE grey drapey top, attached it to a silky slip and ...voila! Sexy...yummy and easy peasy.
You could really pair this dress with any shoes and it will shape shift into what ever you want.

Oh dear goddesses of fashion..thank you and bless you for giving birth to... the one...the only Raquel Allegra. Her gorgeously crafted, beautifully constructed and stunningly draped ITs are absolutely TDF (Too Die For)!
It really doesn't get much better than these. Talk about throwing on a trans formative piece!
These tops will make you look unbelievably chic and for lack of a better word ridiculously stylish.

I actually feel a little sick and pang in my tummy that I don't own any of her collection.

Each piece is unique and stunning and super dramatic. They can be toned up or down but they will never disappear on you. They can go from a day of shopping to a night out or in LALA land a premiere or store opening.

Although this amazing navy, wide neck shirt is totally styled wrong, you can see how beautiful the shirt is.

Pair this one with skinny black jeans and any shoes you desire (depending on where you are off to).

There are no words for how geniusly gorgeous this drapey white top is.

No words, except thank you Raquel for inspiring us.

Her beautiful pieces are super can rock them with just about anything! Pair them with studded Louboutins to converse or thigh high boots to combats... there is NO way you will not look chic.

You can go here too, for your very own piece of fashion that will never go out of style.

Ooooppsie...obsessed much?? Yup we are. We just really heart her stuff ;)

We found another line that does R.A. type stuff ...well the diet knock off version of R.A. stuff ;) so buyer beware...there is only 1 Raquel Allegra...

And because here at TWH, we lurve to be super inspired by others style and fashion as much as the next... we do not support knock offs (especially those that are at the expense of the talent of amazing and emerging designers).

Any whooo ;)....

Wanna be more of a DIY IT girl?

Sauce's yummy drapey safety pin tee is perf for you. Although it already comes perfectly can remove them (and you need to when you wash it..take it from me) and re situate them any way you want.

It's really versatile and you will love it!

This will look super cute with denim shorts like these from F21
(wooo hoo cheap!) and short moccasins or our fav...studded cons.

Lookin for a lil wow factor version? A lil more night time-esque? A lil more "come hither cute boy and look how hot I am" version? Look no further than Vena Cava's version of the IT.
Beautifully body conscious and gorgeously detailed. The lace cut outs on the shoulders and the back are sooo incredibly yet discretely sexy.

Pair with a high waist (not too tight) skirt and these sick wedges for a great date look.

Mr Helmut Lang who has given us everything from Moto Leather Leggings and perfectly cut suits to the OG sheer tee and ridiculously fantastic sweaters has graced us with his version of the IT.

It's drapey and yummy and well simply great!

Throw this beauty over harem pants or these great cigarette jeans

and heels with a leather jacket for the perfect look.

Wanna just be cas and run to the 'Bu with the girls? OK, perf... toss on boyfriend denim shorts and rad gladiators..easy and peasy (but chic..hello? you're wearing H.L.!)

Have fun! Be Perfectly Imperfect!
xoxo t.w.h.

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