Tuesday, March 31, 2009


O.K. , So we hate to say it, but we gotta admit... sometimes life gets hectic and you gotta make a pit stop! You know the days when you have about a million and one things to do and you are running late to all of them? Then all of a sudden around 2pm you realize you haven't had a bite to eat all day and you may pass out... But you just can't face pulling over at McGrosso's for a Big Mc Grossy. 
Well, we are here to save the day and let you know some secret ways to indulge. Yes, even the girls over here at Things We Heart have been known to pull into a drive through now and then. But no worries, all you vegitetarians and veg-aquarians, this will be a meat-less post because you know we have read us some Skinny Bitch and we are right there with you! *Except for the cheese part, we are not that bad-ass! 
Now we are not saying this will keep you thin, this menu is for emergency only! (Yes, being really drunk at 2 am counts as an emergency!) 

Have you heard the rumors about the secret menu at In & Out? Well guess what? They are all true!  You can go to In & Out and get a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with all the fixings, lettuce, tomato, even animal style grilled onion. This is so delicious you just might have to go back for another.... Oh no wait don't.... Oh, well! 

Another great place to stop is Wendy's. How about a baked potato? Perhaps if you are like Miss Me, a humanitarian of the fish eating variety, you could have a Premium Fish Filet Sandwich. MMMM

In either case you get a yummy little meal on the move. 

So where?.... You may ask, are the salads? Well, the answer to that question is El Pollo Loco. 
Yup, crazy as it may sound... "The Crazy Chicken" actually is one of the few fast food places where, when you ask for no chicken on your salad, you don't just get a bowl of iceburg lettuce. 
This place has some really yummy salads, including-
The Loco Salad and the Chicken Ceaser- minus the chicken! 
They have a crazy delicious cilantro salad dressing as well! 
Not to mention the B.R.C, a yummy filling burrito that can really hold you over for hours and hours on errand running pleasure. 

Just remember, please don't run yourself ragged on coffee fumes and chewing gum.  Take a break and stop for a minute to grab a bite. Even if you pull into 7-11 (Do they still have those?) and grab a bag of almonds and a string cheese, or a yogurt. Both way more thinning options then the ones listed above! :) 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Cosmetics that do beauty-full things...

We all love to look our best, look in the mirror and say, "Wow! I look really good today!".  But what if we can not only say that, but we can also say, "Wow!  I did my part today, and it was super easy.  I would love to do more (and look like a hot as biotch while doing it)."

Well my gorgeous friends and bunnycats... now you can.  With our Mother Earth in a crisis along with our economy and world we have no choice but to make a change and difference.  But in the past it was not the easiest thing to do.  Now we can make a difference and its pretty darn easy.  Start here and build up to doing more...why not?  It feels great!

We were so moved by the recent Lush campaign we saw, we had to do this post and much more. We are not only going to try to put money into cosmetic companies that do good and donate to charities that help meaningful causes, we are going to keep donating our time and money to some of our favorite charities.  

While walking in ridiculously beautiful Santa Monica we saw smelled this amazing hand cream by Lush Cosmetics. (the black packaging alone from this store drives us to empty our wallets) The black pot of yumminess was called, Charity Pot body lotion...
It smells divine and softens even a sailors mitts and body.  Imagine how excited we became when we noticed that the retail proceeds go to one of the many great charities they partner with!

Now as our closest friends know, we are OBSESSED with animals!  So as soon as we laid our eyes on this soap we about died!  Look at that face!!!   How can we save that incredible angel?  

Oh...by buying a lime/lavender/coconut 100% natural soap???  Um... hmmm ...YES PLEASE!

Now take heed.. if you are like us, you may want to wear waterproof mascara when you read what it is they do to these stunning and innocent creatures.  Its barbaric and beyond insane.  
That said, please honor these angels by reading it and maybe signing a petition or 3 and smelling good by buying a helpful soap or lotion in the process.

Leave it to the ridiculously, crazy-gorgeous EcoBeauty that is Josie Maran to come out with an amazing facial oil from Morocco, that not only helps the skin glow, firm up and stay uber hydrated but helps out the community it comes from as well.   Josie's Argan Oil is organic and is purchased from a cooperative of women in Morocco.  The sale of each product helps to support their social and economic welfare.  (uggghhh I hate her!  but in the best way possible!)

Stella McCartney (yes Sir Paul's daughter) has always been a friend to the furry creatures.  And now she created a skin care line that helps our environment and our skin!  Score!

Her line Care is so natural and organic, the entire process is carefully watched from beginning to end.  
Now you may be saying "But T-W-H gals, I thought you said this post was about cosmetics and charity?"  Well sweet nuggets...having fully recycled and recyclable packaging, as well as 100% natural/organic ingredients and total control over the origin or each ingredient is, in its own super sweet way, a charitable donation to our environment and skin.

Ok, so... body wash- .... soap- ...skincare- now all we need for our Charitable/Eco makeover is a lil' paint... I present one of the originals... one of the first forward thinking charitable companies... MAC.  
Yuppers.. that MAC...
     MAC launched its Viva Glam line in  1984 and the proceeds from the sale each piece (6 lipstick shades and 2 glosses) goes towards the M.A.C Aids fund.
Pretty and smart..ding ding ding!!!

We have listed a few of our fav charities below... please click on as many or as few as you want and maybe you too will get inspired.
xoxo t-w-h

Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Bueno! : Paris Hiltons Insane Abuse of Fashion and Crazy Need to Be In the Spotlight

COME ON!!!   really!!!!!??????  really?????    Is this a joke or not? 
come on!  there are no words for how incredibly PATHETIC this is.  Ok that's all.  ;)

xoxo t-w-h

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Color Crave: Pink..not just for girlie girls

Ok, now being the walking contradictions that we at T-W-H are, we just would like to say... we heart pink!   Yes, people...pink.... its not just for the girlie girls but us tom-boys lurve it too.  

There is something so sinfully sweet about girls who love to wear boots or converse and throw on a pair of dirty jeans rather than a skirt, loving the color pink.  

Maybe its because we strayed away from it our entire childhood because all of the girlie girls loved it and we were too cool and tough to like it... or maybe it's because dirt bikes and skate boards didnt come in pink.  

But what ever the reason is, we heart it now, it's super cute and refreshing.  When paired with rock and roll chic or "punk" details or just on it's own, pink is rad.  Its not just for bubble gum and bows. (although of course now we like those too)

Now, we all know that pink lipstick has been in our hearts (well some of us '80s lovers hearts...) for a while... but Princess Rihanna takes it to a whole other level.  
While the uber models and makeup artists make us crazy with fuchsia lips on every spring runway...its super hard to pull off.  But RiRi makes it work!  
Her super cute hardcore pixie cut, combine with ridiculously amazing navy cat-eyes and bubblegum lipstick is stupid! (in our dictionary here at T-W-H, stupid is a term of endearment only... never as its usually intended...ever!)  

Its even better when thrown in with something that it doesn't really belong with at all like the vintage styling and the hardcore details of the nail heads of this wing back chair.  
If our fake girlfriend, Kelly Wearstler (swoooon) ever taught us anything, its that things are amazing and unexplainably chic when they are tweaked ever so slightly or used where they probably shouldn't be.  
Her almost ugly pink and mauve 80's room is so off, it becomes totally interesting and crazy chic.  

Her use of texture and fun, mixed with the ultimate styling makes this room a K.W. winner.

Last, but not at all the bit least... its gorgeous and perfectly imperfect when paired with one of Earth's amazing creatures...Pinkie the dolphin!  

Come on!!  It doesn't get any better than a pink dolphin.  See!  
Even she knows that pink is the new black, especially cool when its in a place where it doesn't belong.

And pink doesn't always have to be crazy or perfectly out of place...it can be peaceful and calming too.  
Have a  fun, pink-filled weekend!
xoxo t-w-h

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion Friday: Summer time shorts with boots.

Hey there, can you feel it? Summer is almost here, and boy are we ready. Ready to break out the short-shorts and have some fun. This summer we think everyone will be adding a little pizzaz to the regular jean cut off look with the help of fantastic footware. 
Don't worry, of course your Havaianas are still going to be your life-line, but we think it is time to spice it up. 

So, we are taking a cue from the queen of the cut-offs, Kate Moss. No, it is true, we can't all look as good as Ms. Moss in a pair of the itsy-bitsys. That is of course unless your Gisele Bundchen, in which case you look like this. 
I guess it is pretty clear who God's favorite girls are... OK, you win mega models, we get it.... We really are happy for you, really. 

But, we normal gals can look really cute this way too! It is true! Believe it or not! We have some prime examples of short-short cuteness in action. Try pairing yours with some adorable minnetonkas knee high like Kate or ankle skimmers like the always adorable Nicole Ritchie. 

You can also try high-top sneakers or the old stand-by low-top Converse for a classic cute look like Rachel Bilson. (We heart her!) 

Another of our favorite little stylish ladies is the British Alexa Chung, she is always on the London scene looking oh, so adorable. Here she is with some knee socks and rain boots at a music festival. 

So that's our Friday fashion flash.... Better late then never.... Remember to have fun this summer and keep it cute, we know you will! 


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Decor (to die for): We heart reclaimed wood tables!

Ok...dilemma..well not DILEMMA...but a decor dilemma...which in my little world still counts as one.   

I live in a beautiful house (I promise that this has to do with the dilemma, its not bragging) that we accented with glamour-meets rock and roll- meets fun.  This decor fete is so hard to do for someone like me.  It has taken me 2 years to finish and I am still not done!   
Every time I see something new or that my crazy talented blog partner has, I change my mind and want something else.  

OK, here is where the dilemma (wow how weird does that word look?)  is...recently Eco Chic Glamour has taken my heart and my eyes hostage. 
Its amazing!  So chic, so used yet so new, so vintage, so glam yet so "i love the Earth but i don't have hairy pits or smell like patchouli"   But it doesn't go anywhere in my house :(.  

I still need to get a few pieces of furniture and I have to fake a smile and walk by these fantastic French-hippie-chic pieces when I come across them.

So for you and maybe for me...to get it out of my system.... i present Reclaimed Wood Eco-Chic Tables.  

OK, deep breath...here they are.

I love this one...

i saw it while I was en route to my new fav spot yogurtland...
Its from 22 Bond St.  Love the almost clinical like industrial metal legs with casters against the Belgium reclaimed wood top.

Next up is one from CB2 that I have been ooogling for months!  
Its called the Darjeeling Table... so cute right?!  I want it and keep "accidentally" leaving the picture to show my BF but its a no go.  A girl can dream.   The price can't be beat and the styling is perfection.  Its made with old Indian railroad ties!  It's not trying too hard, but it's still super cool, clean and chic.  Love it paired with modern white chairs too!  

For all of you "hippie modernists" (i just made that up) here is one from Mystery Buddha.  

The gorge wood (reclaimed teak) and clean lines will perfectly blend in and accentuate any modern or not so modern decor.

Restoration Hardware got in early on the trend and designed this yummy reclaimed wood coffee table.  It's a great size for any living area large or small.  It will make a huge impact!  Imagine white orchids and punk rock coffee table books set on top of this beauty... YUMMM

There are a few more out there that are just as amazing... if you want to see them just ask and you shall receive.  

P.S. If you do get one of these gems... I would love to see it and faun all over it, but keep an eye on me 'cuz if you don't, I may steal it when you are not looking.

P.P.S. Just kidding...kinda.  Maybe I will just stain it with my tears of lust.

xoxo t-w-h

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Hearts: We Heart Geeks!

Revenge Of The Nerds

You all know the type, the shy guy in the back of the room, he either has his nose buried in a book, or he is doodling the "Battle of Yavin" on his notebook cover. The geek, the nerd, the guy who all the popular girls aren't supposed to think is cute, but all the really cool girls secretly do. 
Yes,dear readers today we are giving it up to all the geeks out there.... We love you! We love that you are really smart, but really funny, we love that you are confident enough to stick to your guns in the style department and wait for that look to come back in style.... Oh, guess what it just did! We love that all the guys who beat you up in high school are super jealous of you, now that your in the real world and your brains and originality have given you the pay-off. We salute you and today we celebrate some of the finest stories of geeks gone glorious!.  

First and foremost is the originator of nerd chic, this adorable four-eyed fella made it "Hip to be square", and he sounded good doing it. Mr. Buddy Holly, the musical legend who brought us  

classic songs like Peggy-Sue and That'll be the day. He inspired bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. Plus, Spike Jones directed a kick-ass video to Weezer's song named after Buddy Holly. So yeah Buddy Holly was pretty much running things, not bad for a little fella from Texas. 

Next up, we have the guy who is possibly the pin-up poster boy for the geek community. Because seriously, is there a better example of brains and good looks colliding in perfect harmony on a tropical island?(*Disclaimer: Unless you count Dr. Jack Shepard from Lost, and,Jack is in no way a geek,so he will sit this one out.)Yes,thats right y'all, we are talking about The Professor... not just any old professor, nope we mean THE Professor! 

The Professor

This guy was so sexy and brainy that he had two of televisions most legendary babes after him. Well, not that the guy had much in the way of competition on that little island. 

Now lets take it back to the old school shall we? How about a little Matthew Brodrick in War Games? Super early eighties computer hacking cuteness!

Come on, this guy was able to get into a top secret military computer and Ally Sheedy's pants all in under 2 hours? GENIUS! 

This next one kind of gets us all a flutter. We heart this more then we can say. This is truly,truly,truly one if not the best show about high school ever made for television. 

Freaks and Geeks 

Seriously,if you missed this the first time around,we beg you to go buy the DVD series set. Sadly this amazing show only lasted 18 episodes before it got sent to the big programing wheel in the sky. But, to those who have seen it, to those who have loved it.... Can you possibly think of a more adorable, loveable, so stinken'cute you could just hug him guy, then the shows lead geek, little Sam Weir?

Sam Weir

Although we never got to see the end of Sam's story, in our imaginations he grew up to be a stunningly wealthy and successful Sci-Fi author who is married to a really sweet and beautiful super model. Take that Cindy Saunders. 
Watch the first 30-40 seconds of this if you want to see what we are talking about.  
So, wonderful, wacky and weird kids(and yes,we still count as kids too)out there, be proud of who you are and one day, hopefully, all that thinking and creating and individual awesomeness will come in handy. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yummies: We heart Easter Candy!!! (part 1..there is so much we needed more than 1 post)

Whoa!  It's almost Easter!?!?  Wait?!?! What??   

Not to worry...we can take that stress away in 3 easy steps.  Ready?  

1. Read this Easter Candy blog (and of course all the other AMAZINGLY CUTE posts)
2. Buy your favorite Easter Candy 
3. Rip open and devour! (well, savour so we don't have to write any diet posts...ok forget it... devour... you only live once!!!)

Oh gosh...I am already salivating even before I write the first one!  

If Willy Wonka was real, (shit, I ruined it!   He is real people, he is.  I promise...so is Santa Claus and Fairies)
Our first favorite would be his favorite too.  

Cadbury Creme Eggs...enough said.   Amazing English chocolate eggs filled with the most yummiest, ooziest goo life has to offer.  I should probably eat one right now just to be sure they are still as good as they were yesterday.....YUP still good.  Phew!   Wait I should have another just to make sure.  MMMMMM

If you don't like them,  1. You are crazy!    2. You will feel better if you go here.

Next up is the oh so nostalgic, everlasting Hollow Chocolate Bunny.

So cute it's almost a crime to eat, but we will manage ;) 
Here is a tip handed down from our family to yours.  
Bite off the ears and use it as a cup for milk!  So cute, right?

Now you all may be asking..."but where are the Peeps?"

"They are the most Easter-iest candy ever!"  Yes, Peeps are cute and sugary crunchy but they are made with this!!!
Please go here for more info on eating cattle bones and intestines.  

OOPS!  Sorry!!.. our bad.  T.M.I. (Too Much Information)

Choo choo!..the Easter Candy train is back on track....
Our last stop on the Easter Candy post #1 is Speckled Robins Eggs.    
The cute colors and speckles make our hearts flutter and the chocolate coated malted egg center is so light and crunchy we can just eat and eat.  Its like your eating a vintage, crunchy malted shake!

stay tuned for more yummy goodness...

xoxo t-w-h

Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Bueno! : The Neverending Story Remake


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color Crave: Holly Golightly

O.K. busted!  We lied, truth is, we were working on our color crave post, but when we stumbled upon this photo of Holly Golightly's sofa/bathtub/most amazing thing we have ever seen....  We were stopped in our tracks!  Our little brains started spinning topsy-turvy out of control, and we ended up NEEDING to to our Saturday post on Ms. Holly Golightly from the infamous Breakfast at Tiffany's

Now, we heart Holly not only because she is so fabulous in the perfect little black dress and tiara, eating a pastry and drinking a latte, staring longingly into the Tiffany's window. We all know that image is as imprinted in our heads as Marilyn in the white halter dress. It is so iconic in fact, that we don't even need to post it, you can see it in your head right now can't you? We knew it!  You our dear readers are amazing! (Just try not to picture this no bueno moment :(.)  

The Holly we are here to talk about to you today is the adorable, kooky, Holly.  The one that makes you say, "Holy crap! Why can't I look that stunning with a hangover?"

Seriously? Tasseled earplugs? Well played Ms. Golightly, well played indeed. 

We heart kittens named Cat. 

We think we just found a fabulous idea for a halloween costume for you and your honey. 

We were really inspired by these photos of Holly Golightly and we hope that you were too. Who knows what wonderful paths these images may take you down. You may decide you need to run out and buy a turquoise eye mask, maybe you will start rocking the sexy 1960s up-do, perhaps you will hack a bathtub in half and use it as your couch! 
That is really what things-we-heart is all about, trying to share with you the things that get us excited and where you take them is up to you. As for how Holly Golightly inspired me today? Well, lets just say those are some pretty fabulous highlights she has there ;). 

Now, go kiss your honey in the rain.