Monday, March 30, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Cosmetics that do beauty-full things...

We all love to look our best, look in the mirror and say, "Wow! I look really good today!".  But what if we can not only say that, but we can also say, "Wow!  I did my part today, and it was super easy.  I would love to do more (and look like a hot as biotch while doing it)."

Well my gorgeous friends and bunnycats... now you can.  With our Mother Earth in a crisis along with our economy and world we have no choice but to make a change and difference.  But in the past it was not the easiest thing to do.  Now we can make a difference and its pretty darn easy.  Start here and build up to doing more...why not?  It feels great!

We were so moved by the recent Lush campaign we saw, we had to do this post and much more. We are not only going to try to put money into cosmetic companies that do good and donate to charities that help meaningful causes, we are going to keep donating our time and money to some of our favorite charities.  

While walking in ridiculously beautiful Santa Monica we saw smelled this amazing hand cream by Lush Cosmetics. (the black packaging alone from this store drives us to empty our wallets) The black pot of yumminess was called, Charity Pot body lotion...
It smells divine and softens even a sailors mitts and body.  Imagine how excited we became when we noticed that the retail proceeds go to one of the many great charities they partner with!

Now as our closest friends know, we are OBSESSED with animals!  So as soon as we laid our eyes on this soap we about died!  Look at that face!!!   How can we save that incredible angel? buying a lime/lavender/coconut 100% natural soap???  Um... hmmm ...YES PLEASE!

Now take heed.. if you are like us, you may want to wear waterproof mascara when you read what it is they do to these stunning and innocent creatures.  Its barbaric and beyond insane.  
That said, please honor these angels by reading it and maybe signing a petition or 3 and smelling good by buying a helpful soap or lotion in the process.

Leave it to the ridiculously, crazy-gorgeous EcoBeauty that is Josie Maran to come out with an amazing facial oil from Morocco, that not only helps the skin glow, firm up and stay uber hydrated but helps out the community it comes from as well.   Josie's Argan Oil is organic and is purchased from a cooperative of women in Morocco.  The sale of each product helps to support their social and economic welfare.  (uggghhh I hate her!  but in the best way possible!)

Stella McCartney (yes Sir Paul's daughter) has always been a friend to the furry creatures.  And now she created a skin care line that helps our environment and our skin!  Score!

Her line Care is so natural and organic, the entire process is carefully watched from beginning to end.  
Now you may be saying "But T-W-H gals, I thought you said this post was about cosmetics and charity?"  Well sweet nuggets...having fully recycled and recyclable packaging, as well as 100% natural/organic ingredients and total control over the origin or each ingredient is, in its own super sweet way, a charitable donation to our environment and skin.

Ok, so... body wash- .... soap- ...skincare- now all we need for our Charitable/Eco makeover is a lil' paint... I present one of the originals... one of the first forward thinking charitable companies... MAC.  
Yuppers.. that MAC...
     MAC launched its Viva Glam line in  1984 and the proceeds from the sale each piece (6 lipstick shades and 2 glosses) goes towards the M.A.C Aids fund.
Pretty and smart..ding ding ding!!!

We have listed a few of our fav charities below... please click on as many or as few as you want and maybe you too will get inspired.
xoxo t-w-h

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