Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random hearts: We heart rainbows!

In honor of St. Pattys day (not sure what this day is about besides drinking so much green beer you puke green vomit...which is kinda rad) we would like to honor and announce our love of rainbows!!! 

They are so magical and peaceful and because in this economy we could all use that pot o' gold at the end of one.

Scientists love to debunk the magic of rainbows, saying they are "created when sunlight reflects off of raindrops, breaking up the light into different wavelengths of color."  But we disagree, they are clearly that of magic and unicorns.  

Call us optimists (or crazy) but hello! um Rainbow Bright anyone? And why are Unicorns or Pegasus' always around rainbows or the timeless Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   And if you still don't believe in the magic of rainbows take a look at this!  this is magical all by itself... Debbie Harry and Kermie sing The Rainbow Connection!!!

But we really just heart them because they are unbelievably peaceful, graceful and make us feel like a kid again, trying to find the end.

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