Saturday, March 28, 2009

Color Crave: Pink..not just for girlie girls

Ok, now being the walking contradictions that we at T-W-H are, we just would like to say... we heart pink!   Yes, its not just for the girlie girls but us tom-boys lurve it too.  

There is something so sinfully sweet about girls who love to wear boots or converse and throw on a pair of dirty jeans rather than a skirt, loving the color pink.  

Maybe its because we strayed away from it our entire childhood because all of the girlie girls loved it and we were too cool and tough to like it... or maybe it's because dirt bikes and skate boards didnt come in pink.  

But what ever the reason is, we heart it now, it's super cute and refreshing.  When paired with rock and roll chic or "punk" details or just on it's own, pink is rad.  Its not just for bubble gum and bows. (although of course now we like those too)

Now, we all know that pink lipstick has been in our hearts (well some of us '80s lovers hearts...) for a while... but Princess Rihanna takes it to a whole other level.  
While the uber models and makeup artists make us crazy with fuchsia lips on every spring runway...its super hard to pull off.  But RiRi makes it work!  
Her super cute hardcore pixie cut, combine with ridiculously amazing navy cat-eyes and bubblegum lipstick is stupid! (in our dictionary here at T-W-H, stupid is a term of endearment only... never as its usually intended...ever!)  

Its even better when thrown in with something that it doesn't really belong with at all like the vintage styling and the hardcore details of the nail heads of this wing back chair.  
If our fake girlfriend, Kelly Wearstler (swoooon) ever taught us anything, its that things are amazing and unexplainably chic when they are tweaked ever so slightly or used where they probably shouldn't be.  
Her almost ugly pink and mauve 80's room is so off, it becomes totally interesting and crazy chic.  

Her use of texture and fun, mixed with the ultimate styling makes this room a K.W. winner.

Last, but not at all the bit least... its gorgeous and perfectly imperfect when paired with one of Earth's amazing creatures...Pinkie the dolphin!  

Come on!!  It doesn't get any better than a pink dolphin.  See!  
Even she knows that pink is the new black, especially cool when its in a place where it doesn't belong.

And pink doesn't always have to be crazy or perfectly out of can be peaceful and calming too.  
Have a  fun, pink-filled weekend!
xoxo t-w-h

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Jesse said...

as a too cool for pink girl growing up, I have suddenly found an intense NEED to begin surrounding myself with pink things. I blame it on my testosterone filled home, 3 boys and lots of male energy. Sounds like you Meeks!
I started with pink cereal bowls from anthropologie. There is something about those bowls every morning that reminds me of my girlness in the midst of roughhouse, farts, monster trucks and lightsabers.