Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phone rings in the middle of the night... My father said, when you gonna live your life right?

Lately we have been feeling the pull of nostalgia (o.k., more honestly, we practically live for it). So, lets go for it with super awesome vintage phones! Because they would really add that stylish little bit of whimsy to your home decor, and in a world that takes itself so seriously, we heart anything that makes us smile. 
The hands down best source for re-worked vintage phones is Old Phone Works.
They have quite the collection.
Including really cool ones from the 1970's and really fun ones from the 1980's. 

Marsha Brady would just die for this cute little pink number from the 196o's, and to make us heart it even more... the rotary dial lights up and glows a warm glowing gold at night! I would put this one in our super girly green and pink office.

Wow.... Really? You could have this in your home?! I wonder if you can actually charge your friends to borrow your phone... hmmm.  Oh yeah, everyone has cell phones, so no one even really needs these anymore. If you ask us, we think that is all the more reason to hang one of these in your kitchen, so you can be like, "Back when I was a kid, I had to call my mom on a PAY PHONE when I wanted her to come pick me up from the mall!" "Wait mom, what's a pay phone?" Believe it or not, that will happen one day.  Most likely to Miss Me herself, who has a 3 year old son who can already work an iphone better then his mama! 

Calling all secret agents....  This super "modern" orange phone is so super cool I get goose bumps! I just think it would be the best complement to any mid-century modern room.  It has clean lines and the color is so much fun, and really... that keypad! This phone would make the perfect gift for the special guy in your life! Very chic and understated. 

And then there are these.... Very NOT understated. Very every girl we were super jealous of growing up.... Very way too cool. How much do we heart these relics of the 1980's? Man, throw The Breakfast Club into the DVD player, pop open a diet Tab, and kick your LA Gear sneakers up on the coffee table! 

XOXO- Things we heart

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