Saturday, March 14, 2009

COLOR CRAVE: Mellow Yellow

Sometimes you just have a craving that you just can't quench, and no I'm not talking about the delicious chocolate chip cookies from BitterSweet either. I'm talking about a craving to surround yourself in a color that sets your little designing heart on fire. Right now that color is YELLOW, bright beautiful lemon yellow. Maybe it is because winter is slowly winding down and spring is starting to burst around us.... Whatever the reason we feel the need to give a little love to the color of the warm, warm sun! 
Check out the amazing yellow wallpaper in this stairway with the white chinois style chandelier and stair railing in a home done by decorator Meg Braff.  Who wouldn't want to wake up and face the world with that view every morning? 

Love this cute little homage to The Beatles yellow submarine I found over at Apartment Therapy. So cute and cheery. The room belongs to "Jess" and word is she made these little submarines herself! Go ahead crafty lady. Although we are usually not a fan of "themed" rooms this gal manages to pull it off in a cute-but not-cutesy way. Check it out here.  

Ok, so maybe we are all not ready to dive into a lemon yellow house... We admit to loving the color but face it, ladies can be fickle when it comes to color craves... As you will learn our minds change all the time! 
So why not try dashes of the beautiful citrus hue? We found these amazing photographs over at Buck County Frames on etsy. Such a great place to find affordable art. We really heart the moody feeling of the lonely ferris wheel and wish we had those bright yellow chairs outside in the yard around a old white iron cafe table snuggled under a giant flowering magnolia tree... Woops sorry were we dreaming aloud? 

If even that much yellow gives you sour lemon face.. Then grab these adorable little note cards over at one of our most beloved on-line stops. -Rock Scissor Paper-
Because really who wouldn't smile when they opened this little burst of sunshine? I got these cute little giraffe notes personalized with my 9 month olds name and they make the best thank you notes! Anyway you decide to rock it, try a little yellow this weekend. 

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Return Of Saturn said...

Thanks for giving yellow the props it deserves. Last summer, I bought this bright lemon yellow top on a whim and it quickly became my most favorite shirt ever. I'm now obsessed with finding things in lemon yellow, tangerine orange, and other equally sunny and happy colors.