Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashion Friday: Can't Touch This... Hammer Time!

Oh Hammer... why do you get us the way you do?   You may have gone away but you left us with your fantastic pants that are back and ready to attack. 

Fashionistas everywhere (T-W-H, included) are flocking to stores to pick up a pair of Harem pants... or Hammer Pants to us I.T.K. (In The Know...just kidding)

Its quite refreshing to get on some baggy pants after being squeezed and smooshed unforgivingly into cigarette jeans and leggins.

These bizzare-ly flattering pants, in most cases, should only be worn with super high heels.  Once paired with yummy stilettos like these, all you need to do is throw on a nice tank or tee and you are R.T.G (Ready To Go)  You will look like you stepped off the New York catwalk and on to the streets.

Current Elliott, brand du jour, created a pair in what else?...denim!   
Although the styling in this picture is NO BUENO, the pants are great!  A slouchy Alexander Wang tank and better heels than the ones pictured and are super cute.

The cuteness that is Drew Barrymore, wore a more trouser version and still pulled them of perfectly. Her look is so cute and put together, yet she looks super comfy and like she cares but not too much ;)

Andrea Lieberman (probably one of the biggest, most talented and forward thinking stylists in the world)  for her new line, A.L.C. created an unbelievable pair!!!  We are drooling and lusting for these.

The origami waistline and zipper details are so fantastic and fashionable, of course they are from Andrea.  You can pre-order here!!!  (save one for us...we will share!!!!)

Here's a great pair for all the recessionistas from forever 21.  

The laid back fabric and ties at the ankles make them so versitile and comfy.  Perfect for traveling (of course I already own 2 pair for my summer o' fun) and these are soooo flattering you can pair with cute heels or gladiators!

Wanna make your own?  Look no further than a vintage Simplicity Pattern

So, don't be afraid... you may surprise yourself.  Try a pair on...see what happens.  

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