Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday: Yummies... VACATION!

Hello Lovers!
We hate to tell you this but the Things-We-Heart gals are going on a little vacation!

NO! Of course we don't hate going on vacation... It is very well deserved for both of us, and it is time to rest a bit. But we do hate to leave our readers behind.

You have given us so much support and love this year and we can not tell you how much it means to us.

We will be back after the New Year!
We send you lots of love and wishes for a happy and healthy 2010.

We hope you miss us as much as we miss you and we plan on being back up and running on January 5th.

See you then.
We heart you!
Love, the girls of Things-We-Heart

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday: Beauty... We heart gold polish!

Right now we are in love with everything gold and have a major crush on gold nail polish!

From barely there nude shades,
like the beautiful Miss Mendes'.

To crazy opaque solid gold style a'la Miss Richie a'la Black Book.

We are dying to get our hands on Chanel's gold... Or wait, get Chanel's gold on our hands, either which way we gotta have it!

Check out the cute lighting test done by All Lacquered Up, showing how Chanel's 2008 color Facettes D'Or looks in real life!

It is so hard to get the older colors from Chanel, heck it is hard to get the new colors.
Try eBay if you need this and we think you do!

We also love this new color from Nars called Zizi.
clear tinted peach with gold glitter! J'ADORABLE!

Shifting Power from Essie is also a really great gold shade.
You can get yours here.

And now the winner (in our book) for best New Years Eve glitter polish...
Orly Metal Chic in Solid Gold! Please add a top coat to bring in the sparkle because this is actually a matte color.

We love the rusty warmth of this gold! Thanks again to All Lacquered Up for the great photos!

We suggest you bring a little gold into your life this New Year. Because you can never have enough gold,

Right Mr. T?

Have a great week.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Bueno: Sex and the City 2 not being out now!

Woooo hooooo!!!

Can't wait....hurry hurry!!!
Sex and the City 2 trailer is here!!!!!!

It is NO Bueno that we can not watch this now!!!

Ugghhhh can't wait until May 2010~

Um, hello? Did we just say 2010? Huh?!?!?! What happened????

Oh well....that is a no bueno too...unless of course it is better than 2009...in that case we will take it back and apologize to '10.

xoxo things we heart

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bueno: Family

Now that the festivities are over,
lets breath a sigh of relief and head into the New Year!

After lots of time spent with our wacky families,
you realize one thing....

You gotta love them! They are spectacular!

Happy day-after-the-madness!
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fashion Friday: We have a present just for you!!!! (well and the W readers)

Merry Merry...Happy Happy!!!

We unwrap this one everyday for inspiration.

Thanks to W mag and Craig McDean for inspiring us and making us feel inadequate all at once ;)


xoxo things-we-heart

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry!!! Happy Happy!!

Enjoy your friends, family or just the silence.


Ahhhhh we heart Rudolph and this movie!!!!

Have a heartfilled day.

We heart you! You are our gifts. Thank you!

xoxo t.w.h.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random hearts: WE HEART TECHNOLOGY!!! Sorry for yelling but we are writing this at 30,000 feet!

It's suuuper easy to bash technology these days...the more we rely on it..it seems the more difficult and busy daily life becomes.
There are almost too many ways to connect...get things done...talk to people.... (SHOP!)...find stuff.

We have twitter, facebook, myspace (not really anymore just good for music) myfridge, ning, blackberries, iphones, palms, gps...the list literally goes on and on and I bet as our unpolished fingers (oooh wait...there is amazing new tech for those too called Minx nails) type there are gazillions of new ways to get more stuff done and connect to more people.

But, having said ALL of that...technology is pretty f*n unbelievable...

Just this morning after checking in for my flight online, getting flight updates on my blackberry and simultaneously talking to one of our girls on twitter and texting at her at the same time, we found out our flight is equipped with WIFI!!!!!!!!

WTF! Blogging and watching the Nine trailer while inflight???? Yup...
We super crazy heart technology!

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO...we are begging you. It is sooooo super worth the 13 min!! (besides, do you really need to see any more gossip about Tiger or buy any more crap?).

This will blow your mind....

See?!?!?! How amazing is technology??

Sure we are all getting lazy and fat and anti-social but pretty soon they will have technology that makes us skinny and popular...Oh wait...they do... it's called lipo and Facebook or Youporn (beware you have to be over 18 to see what that is...)

Let's embrace technology...not use it for everything...support that which makes us healthier but still make sure we do not end up hermits and oscar the grouches.

xoxo things-we-heart

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yummies: Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in our heads...

The Children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads...

We all know the line from 'Twas the night before Christmas, Clement Moore's timeless tale of Christmas Eve. But we have wondered our whole lives, and we're guessing you have too... What the F* is a sugar plum?!

Since we never knew, but have dreamed of them for years imagining all the wonderful things they could be... We decided to do a little investigation.

Turns out that sugar plums were a very popular sweet treat in the Victorian era.

Made from diced up dried fruit and nuts and honey and topped off with powdered sugar. Yummy!

We found the recipe for you here, on use real butter.

While it is really nice to know what sugar plums are finally, and they sound pretty yummy... We are a little disappointed. Our imaginations tend to run away with us and as children we imagined something much MUCH much more delightful then dried fruit balls!

Come on! Look at the Sugar Plum Fairy, she is all meringue and whipped cream!
You would just imagine she was named after something sexier.

We are not knocking the sugar plums, we are still gonna try and make them.

We had a very similar experience with Turkish Delight after reading about it in The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.
It didn't look thing like we imagined... Then we tasted it.

Rosewater heaven! Delicious.
So you can't judge just by looks.. You have to taste the magic.

So, sleep tight babies, now you know what it is that is going to be dancing around in your head this week.

Enjoy this beautiful vintage ballerina dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy ballet from the Nutcracker.
(*Bad Sound!)

XOXO- Things-We-Heart