Sunday, December 13, 2009

No Bueno: Computer Problems (oh that and Tigers Sluts)

Happy Holidays!!! Today you get a tiny two-fer! Woooo hooo. Thank goodness for PMS, everything today seems to be a No Bueno :)

First up we got the ol' problemas de el computer....No Bueno!

Over night my computer decided it didn't need the mouse pad thingy (you know that rectangle part on a MAC that moved the arrow selector around?)

It was like it was saying..."Oh did you know Xmas is coming up? Well, it is and I'm sleepy..." then I said to it, "Um, yeah I am well aware it is and PS you are sooooo not old unless 2 years is old in the MAC world."

Then I remembered how Mac/Apple come out with upgrades and "NEW" products every 3 days so I guess 2 years is old. BOO!

But that said I feel a Bueno coming...That I am blessed enough to have my own laptop (See? PMS is bad and ungrateful!)

Next No Bueno is the one that has been staring at us for almost 2 weeks...Tiger Woods trail of slutty woman.
(there is a list of 14 women but no need to embarrass them or anyone they are involved with)

1. He is married yeah you did know because you knew exactly who he was when you got into bed

2. If him being married doesn't bother you because a lot of men (boys) do BAD things even when they are married (especially in Lost Vegas) then hi there...he has KIDS!!!!!

3. OK, OK if him having a wife and 2 kids doesn't get to you and you are still going to have an affair with him (it's bad enough to sleep with him, but have an AFFAIR?!?!? Come on!!!) then SHUT THE F*@K UP!

Stop going to the media for your payday because now not only are you hurting his family (who cares about him...he made his bed now he can lay in it) but you are officially taking yourselves from sluts to prostitutes...being paid for sleeping with someone. Yup true by definition!

That's all...ranting over. Happy Holidays!!!
Be blessed, be safe, be happy (unless you have PMS or something else is happening then you have an excuse), be love.

xoxo things-we-heart


rachiecake said...

eeek! worse: he has TWO kids and one was born THIS YEAR, no no NO BUENO :(

Adore Me Beauty said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! my sentiments exactly. The problem with women today is that they have no standards and that they will claw through whoever to get what it is they want: money, noteriety..etc. But they forget that KARMA is a biotch..ouch