Friday, December 11, 2009

Fashion Friday: Fashionable Gift Guide part trois...

The Holidays are officially here!!! Woooo hooooo! Happy Chanuka, Hanukkah, Channukah, Hannuka, Channuka!!! Almost Merry Christmas!!!

But Tic Tock...Tic Tock...TIC TOCK! The gift getting count down is is still going...lucky you!
While the sales are-a selling and the malls are-a bustling there is something suuuuper fun about holiday shopping...right?

Well maybe not the crazy, weird pushy people...or the nutso long lines...or the nervous twitch you begin to get when the time creeps closer and you realize you are not done shopping..

But have no fear lovers of T.W.H....we are here!
Because we love you sooo very much we are giving you all our fav gifts to give to all your fav people..and the best part? A few clicks and the shopping is never have to leave the house!!!
No thank you necessary...a kiss or Christian Louboutins will do ;)

For the Prepsterista in your life who wishes soooo much she could wear a bowtie everyday get her one of the cutest gifts we have ever laid our hazely eyes upon!

A checkered bowtie from Ashton Michael with 3 chain necklace attached...Yummerific!
This would look fantastic with a high collar stripe shirt or even cuter with a drapey Alexander Wang Tee!

Now since this Prepsterista is probably in heartville with Coco (we heart you Coco!!) how about getting her a sweater cardigan tuxedo jacket...what's that you say? Yup you read it right cutes...

JCrew bring us this crazy versitile snuggly swuxet (that's sweater - tux jacket). So cute non? With some skinnies or drop crotch pants and combat boots...done and done!

Uh oh...someone said Coco?
She would super heart this striped nautical T from Erin Wasson x Rvca (well it says America not Paris but we think she would still like it).

Throw this on with a leatherette high waist pencil skirt or leggins and you are RTG!

And what do you get the Fashionista in your life who is crazy hard to shop for? Remember those ridiculously gorgeously amazing Chloe Boots from our pirate post?


Jeffery Campbell did an amazing homage to those with these super stylin' OTK strap boots.
These would look amazing with a knit mini and vintage tee...or a vintage lacey dress.

What's that you say? Your fashionista friend looves to be in the sun but hates her fine lines? Well then get her a pair of these sick Blueblocker-esque, Grandma Rose style glasses from Super Retrofuture.

They have side lenses to keep out the harmful wrinkle forming rays of the Global Warming sun.

So, you know how everything these days is sheer and off the shoulder? Well why not grab yourself on of these amazing bras from VPL (Visible Panty Lines).

They totally design their bras to be seen! Nice.
And yes, we know this post is for prezzies for your friends and lovers but gift giving is waay more fun when you get a lil' something for yourself for all the hard work you put in :)

It is Channukah today so don't forget to give your Jewish friend or family member a gift. We heart this amazing Star of David.

It's a great modern twist on the classic star necklace.
And the pave diamonds don't suck either.

We have been coveting this purse for sometime now and think it would be divine for the gal who has it all.
It's perfect for day or night and she can rock it with what ever she finds in her crazy closet. The beading is fantasmic! And it won't cost you these....

arm and a leg...get it...get it?

Hello super cute and totally affordable stacking Love rings from Topshop. How are you? Cute? Yes you totally are!

You make us giggle and would be perfect stocking stuffers or put in a cute vintage box you find on Ebay and they will make a delish gift!!!

For your hippie-meets natural-meets cutey bean friend... This beautiful poncho from our go to store Urban is quite simply perf!
Soooo cozy, soooo chic with tights and boots, sooooo good you will be jealous of yourself for giving it to her!

Here are 2 stocking (pun totally useful here) stuffers that would make any girls heart swoon!

These uber cute swiss dot tights are perfection for the holidays when you stuff your bellies with noodle kugel and egg nog. Why? Oh, because they are from Spanx and are control top...Hi...I'll take 3 please.

Nothing feels better than harm tootsies on a cold winter night...and these leopard cashmere socks are just the right (and crazy cute) things to do the trick!

Ahh fireside with cocoa and cute socks...perfection!

P.S. Need someone to help you shop? Or put together your amazing gifts? Or even reorganize your much needed closet? Look no further than Aubrey Binzer and Tia Young. Aubrey is a stylist, fashionista and closet obsessed organizer! Tia is a Type A amazing everything organizer and loves every minute of it!
P.P.S. Do you heart Oprah? We do! And guess what? She hearts us too!
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XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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