Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Hearts: We heart Hermione Granger (even though her name is ugly!!)

We gotta tell you, we were a little late on the Harry Potter train... Well Miss Me was, Miss t-w-h was skipping out early on parties to go home and read this book series years ago!

But at Miss Me's house Hogwarts is all new.

And somewhere in between deciding who our favorite professor is,

and what exactly makes that Ron Weasley so damn adorable,

We have fallen head over heels in heart with Hermione Granger!
And we gotta tell you, this love is serious.
So, lets run down the list of reasons we heart this modern day heroine.

First of all she is shamelessly smart, this little girl is no way, no how going to dumb herself down just so boys will like her. Hermione is smarter then the boys, she works harder then the boys and she can hold her own and then some.

And guess what? All the boys love her for it.

Hermione is a true blue friend, she stands by Harry and Ron through any problem they may face.

Plus, she kicked Draco Malfoy's ass!!
O.K, we have smart, confident, brave, dedicated and loyal...

Oh yeah, did we also mention that she is stunning?!

We get to watch the whole cast grow-up before our very eyes, and because we saw these movies all in a week, for the first time ever.... We actually saw Hermione change for lovable crimpy haired child,

into... "Woah, hold the phone! Hermione is hot!" in a matter of days.

P.S in case you didn't notice, actress Emma Watson who was lucky enough to bring Hermione to life on screen, she is super rad herself.

She has super style... Hmmm, I feel a stalk-her-style post heading your way, stay tuned.

But back to our true heart of hearts Hermione Granger. When did young girls ever have anyone like her to look up to?
This character has all the attributes that you would like to instill in young women everywhere.
I can't help but think that I want every little girl that is friends with my sons to see this movie and read these books and take a piece of this remarkable young women out into the world with them.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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