Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random hearts: WE HEART TECHNOLOGY!!! Sorry for yelling but we are writing this at 30,000 feet!

It's suuuper easy to bash technology these days...the more we rely on seems the more difficult and busy daily life becomes.
There are almost too many ways to connect...get things to people.... (SHOP!)...find stuff.

We have twitter, facebook, myspace (not really anymore just good for music) myfridge, ning, blackberries, iphones, palms, gps...the list literally goes on and on and I bet as our unpolished fingers (oooh wait...there is amazing new tech for those too called Minx nails) type there are gazillions of new ways to get more stuff done and connect to more people.

But, having said ALL of is pretty f*n unbelievable...

Just this morning after checking in for my flight online, getting flight updates on my blackberry and simultaneously talking to one of our girls on twitter and texting at her at the same time, we found out our flight is equipped with WIFI!!!!!!!!

WTF! Blogging and watching the Nine trailer while inflight???? Yup...
We super crazy heart technology!

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO...we are begging you. It is sooooo super worth the 13 min!! (besides, do you really need to see any more gossip about Tiger or buy any more crap?).

This will blow your mind....

See?!?!?! How amazing is technology??

Sure we are all getting lazy and fat and anti-social but pretty soon they will have technology that makes us skinny and popular...Oh wait...they do... it's called lipo and Facebook or Youporn (beware you have to be over 18 to see what that is...)

Let's embrace technology...not use it for that which makes us healthier but still make sure we do not end up hermits and oscar the grouches.

xoxo things-we-heart

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