Monday, December 14, 2009

Beauty: Dear Santa.....

Dear Santa,
With all the running around and wrapping and giving we have been doing these days, we forgot someone really important. US!

So, Santa Baby while we still have time to ask, here is our wish list for beauty products!
You know how much we love eyeliner, and bright colors, and playing with makeup... Well, we would be the happiest little girls in the world if you brought us this Aqua eyes collectors set! 25 full size, Makeup Forever beautifully hued, eyeliner pencils!!
Santa, you can just pick it up at Sephora, you know you are going to pass one on Christmas eve... They are everywhere!

Wanna stuff our stocking? Ewww, get you mind out of the gutter, we are talking about SANTA!

Here are a few of our favorite trinkets!

Oh delicious curly eyelashes! This 24K gold plated eyelash curler from Shu Uemura is like a little work of art. So pretty, and it works!

Speaking of Pretty and working, well we have been working so hard these days... It is super hard to stay pretty! You can help us Saint Nick!

Well, you and Ole Henriksen... Slip a little of the magical serum into our stocking so we can boost our collagen and smooth out wrinkles in a natural way. Do this now Santa, because the lasers we will need if you don't may not fit in your sleigh!

We would also love a new color of lipstick! Right now we are really craving a beautiful shimmery gold-nude tone.

Like this yummy Honolulu Honey shade from Nars. In this shimmery tan color we can feel like natural island beauties!

But that is not all,
We really want to shimmer all over! So maybe we can get a complimentary nail color?

Oh, Chanel Golden Sand! You hit the nail on the head! (hehe) This is the perfect New Years Eve on a tropical island pretty party color!
Oh, and while your in the Chanel section, if it is not to much to ask...
We really heart that Chanel Jade color too! It is really hard to find! We are sure you have connections.
Don't worry Santa, we are almost done!

Wouldn't it be so nice to be able to go to the nail salon with our new nail polish and get a mani/pedi... But not have to use the tools everyones else used! Gross! Santa! We know you care about our health! Who wants to end up with a Staph infectionwhen all you are trying to do it get pretty gold nails?!

So, we would super heart this professional mani-pedi kit! We can toss it in our purse along with our polish and have the nice ladies at the nail salon use our tools!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Just one more item is making our Beauty product list this year... Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Kit!
Because a gal can never have enough makeup brushes.
Now Santa, we don't mean to be greedy. We really don't, but we work so hard taking care of everyone else... We like to get spoiled sometimes too.
We know you agree Santa Baby.

Merry Christmas Santa you big cutie!
We heart you.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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