Monday, December 21, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Snow Whites gorge skin! We heart soft winter skin...

She is the envy of everyone around her...that girl...that gosh darn dewy skinned, glowy faced girl. Even in the dead of winter when most of our faces are as flaky as an LA actress, her skin seems to be made of Snow White.

So we made it our mission (me being the girl with dry flaky skin that I look like Madeline from Death Becomes Her when she dies and her skin begins to peel off...No? Ok, we have told you have to see this movie!) to find the 4 best moisturizers out there that are perf for winter and it's darn dry air.

P.S. These are great gifts! Hint..hint...

We have tried and tested all of these as we are self proclaimed product junkies so you can be assured we are giving you tired and true advice ;)

First up is our numero uno...go of our medicine cabinets...Mayor of Heartville...Epicuren Facial Emulsion.

Ahhhh the name alone makes us happy. Epicuren seems to be quite controversial...why we are not totally sure since it totally works and is sold and recommended by top dermatologists, but what we are sure of is how much we love this cream and all of the Epicuren line

The EFE is a great light weight day cream (it looooves to be mixed with make up too!) that stimulates cell renewal and is made up of enzymes and plant collagen.
Your face actually glows and looks younger after putting this on!

We totally heart Kiehl's for all they do...from their charity work and anti animal testing stance to their amazing products.
Their Ultra Facial Moisturizer with spf 15 is divine.

So light, non oily and super's hard not to fall in love with it. Plus it's made with avocado, almond and olive oil for a perfect moisture compound that somehow is not crazy oily!
Wooo hooo!

A while back we were super shmancy and got monthly facials at a super fancy pants day spa in LALA called Kate as we are becoming the ultimate recessionistas and not going 12 times a year, we still find ourselves longing for Kate's Nourish moisturizer.

It literally is the perfect cream. Not only does it nourish your skin and keep your skin as dewy as Snow White , it helps with anti aging, skin rejuvenation and clarity. Done and gorgeously done!

Thanks Kate...we will take 3! Well, maybe just 1 since it is $65 a tub...but totally worth it.

What is 100% pure, not tested on animals, vegan, gluten free and amazing for your skin????

It's jam packed with Antioxidents...super good for your skin, red wine...super good for your skin...herbs and fruits...super good for your skin.

We tried it and were stunned with how great our skin felt after 1 use!

The best part about it (well, besides being vegan and not tested on baby bunny cats) is how natural and good for your skin it actually is. Try will be shocked.

Plus it's sooo natural and good for the environment and animals it is Snow White approved.

Through vigorous testing (we are sooooo official...either that or just obsessed with skin care) we found that when we washed our faces with a facial brush to get the dead skin cells off (Eww) our moisturizers seemed to absorb better, hence work better. Tada!
We heart Sephora's facial brush..

or for the true shmancy pants facial-0philes...try the Clarisonic
Skincare Brush. It's like a facial brush on steroids.

Here's a helpful hint...well 2 helpful hints...

1. Apply moisturizer to a clean damp face and neck. The dampness will help the cream absorb better and you can use less
2. Use everyday...when you find the one that is just right for your skin you won't want to miss a day

3. Eat your heart out glowy skinned Snow White girl! The gals and readers of TWH are armed and RTG.

xoxo- things we heart

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