Thursday, December 10, 2009

Decor to die for: A gift for everyone, and everyone for their gift.

Another gift guide? But wait! Don't tune out yet! We know you are almost all shopped out but this guide may save you hours at the mall!
We are going to break it down perfect present by perfect person, and we really hope we can help you finish off all your holiday shopping.

(Feel free to mix and match these gifts, if your son sounds a lot like our husband... Make that gift for him!)
Lets get started!

Your husband/boyfriend... Hmmm what to get this fella?

He is very cool, yet slightly geeky. Which is why you love him right?
He can go on and on for hours about the music of his youth, and he loves his computer almost as much as he loves you.
Music+Computer+Cool Geek=

The Crosley portable USB turntable! It plays both vinyl records and connects to your computer so you get all the best of your music collection in one place!
Plus it looks really cool. He is gonna love it!

Fellas, make sure you don't forget your lady love. Here is a tip, while that awesome little cone shaped dust buster may be a nice gift for someone else your wife/girlfriend (Thats wife OR girlfriend, easy Tiger) deserves way better!

If you ask the girls from Things-We-Heart we will say "Nothing tells a lady you love her the way that cashmere does". It says, "Honey, I love you SO much that I just want you to be wrapped in cozy goodness all the time!"
We are big fans of this chic black and white throw from Magaschoni.

Mom! We always save this one for last when we are shopping. Trying to think of the perfect, beautiful, useful yet sentimental gift we can. Everyone wants to wow their mom right? Well, we found it!
It's sentimental but it is totally fun and cool at the same time.

Gather up your old family pictures and get silhouettes made of all your mom's kids by Master scissor artist Karl Johnson!
(He just did my families silhouettes and they are amazing!)
Mom will be so excited by your thoughtful gift. They are going to look great hanging in her house and it pretty much secures your spot as her all time favorite child!

Oh Dad, if only we could just get you the singing fish on a plaque every year, you loved it so much!

But this year lets step it up a little bit.
This year give Dad a menorah with as much character as your dad has himself.
Full of whimsy and fun it is sure to get a little chuckle when he opens it!

Now for your siblings... Always hard to shop for, because you want to get them everything!

Lets take your little sister, oh she is such a sweetie! You can't imagine your life without her. You guys have shared so many memorable moments while growing up!

We say celebrate those memories by giving her that gift you always wanted as a little girl... That one thing that all your friends had and you guys never did... Or maybe you did and you loved it so much but it got broken or tossed along the road to adulthood.

You just have to get her every little girls dream jewelry-box! Complete with twirling ballerina and Fur Elise! It may be for little girls, but her grown-up jewelry will look just right is this pink velvet.

You LOVE your brother and his fantastic new husband! They are just about the coolest couple you know.... They love bright colors and retro granny style decor, SO hard to shop for a pair like this.

But have no fear, the ultimate in kitschy cool has been found!
A needlepoint backgammon set! Oh man have you hit the nail on the head with this one! You will be invited over time and again for raucous nights of backgammon play-offs!

As for you sister who just had a baby, she needs everything right now how can you choose the perfect thing?

Well, aside from a few nights babysitting... Come on, you know you can handle that. She really needs a beautiful and handy way to gather all those magical moments of motherhood into one place.

The first 1000 days baby journal by Nikki McClure is beautiful enough for her to leave it laying in any room of the house.

No rubber duckies and fuzzy bunnies here. This is a collection of fine art and great suggestions for thoughts and moments to jot down so she never forgets these days. Chances are she will never forget the sweetie that gave her this journal either.

Almost done and see how happy everyone is?! We told you this would be painless!

Lets not forget Grandma or Nana or Nona or Bubbie whatever you call her, you know she is of the uppermost importance.

What to get for this sweet lady we love so much?

Why not give her this stunning mercury glass table lamp? It could replace the avocado green ceramic one she has had since you were a kid... Hmmm maybe she could give the old one to your brother, it would match his new backgammon board perfectly! "Oh you are such a GOOD grandchild!" (pinches your cheek) "Let me fix you up another plate of cookies!"
See you win again.

Last but not least, you can't forget your bestie! The friend who stands by you through thick and thin... The friend that it is super hard to shop for because you want to keep everything you buy her for yourself!

We love apothecary jars. Especially when they are filled with something unexpected like jelly beans or vintage marbles!

If you really want to keep it for yourself, make two!

It really doesn't matter what you get for your family and friends, as long as you all get to be together for the holidays. As long as you all are all speaking to each other when the festivities are over, we can chalk this up as a winning year.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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