Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday: Beauty... We heart gold polish!

Right now we are in love with everything gold and have a major crush on gold nail polish!

From barely there nude shades,
like the beautiful Miss Mendes'.

To crazy opaque solid gold style a'la Miss Richie a'la Black Book.

We are dying to get our hands on Chanel's gold... Or wait, get Chanel's gold on our hands, either which way we gotta have it!

Check out the cute lighting test done by All Lacquered Up, showing how Chanel's 2008 color Facettes D'Or looks in real life!

It is so hard to get the older colors from Chanel, heck it is hard to get the new colors.
Try eBay if you need this and we think you do!

We also love this new color from Nars called Zizi.
clear tinted peach with gold glitter! J'ADORABLE!

Shifting Power from Essie is also a really great gold shade.
You can get yours here.

And now the winner (in our book) for best New Years Eve glitter polish...
Orly Metal Chic in Solid Gold! Please add a top coat to bring in the sparkle because this is actually a matte color.

We love the rusty warmth of this gold! Thanks again to All Lacquered Up for the great photos!

We suggest you bring a little gold into your life this New Year. Because you can never have enough gold,

Right Mr. T?

Have a great week.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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