Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decor to Die For: ABC easy as 123...We heart Typography in the home

Somewhere...somehow...we fell in utter heartville with Typography in the home. It's suuuuper evident the second you waltz in the door.

There are initials at your feet...the couch...the walls...geez louise!!

We are either crazy egomaniacs or we are like dogs and the initial is like us peeing on the lamppost...OR we just super love the look of our initials and letters all over :)

I think the last one sounds the best (and the cutest) so we will take that road.

Not sure how it happened but we got recharged after buying these custom Monogram pillows from our FBF (Fake Boy Friend) Jonathan Adler.

They are the cutest and best prezzie we have ever given to the our house. Thrown any where...on anything...they make the room smile as well as the people who walk by them.
They can be uber customed...front and back and the quality is crazy good.

Then we saw the one and only, Killers on tour and be came obsessed in a really unhealthy way when we saw that their keyboard stand was made up of a marquee lit "K"....kinda like this AMAZING "S"

We searched high and low low low for one in our BFs (the real one) initials but the search ran thin...then we saw a beacon from heaven....our fav store ever had smaller versions in (almost) recessionista prices!!!!

Urban sells almost every letter and they are fantasmical!!!!!

On yet another jaunt around the gorge and crazy (literally) of LALA we ran into the amazing HD Buttercup in search for amazingness. And boy-o-manocheviz did we find it!
Chromed side tables in our initials..

"What's that you said?"...
Andrew Martin created rad superhero-esque tables in any letter...

Oui they are tres $$$ but sooo yummy!

What do you put under these amazing tables? How about a typography or monogram rug? OK, so maybe you wouldn't put these with each other (can you say over kill?) but we needed a good lead in ;)

Once again our guru of smile...JA lets you custom a J'adorable rug.

Nothin says my room like a rug with your initials on it.

Want to have letters all over and change them the next day? Try chalkboard paint!

It's like your own personal pop art! Priceless.

Not ready for typography on the walls or floors? Or on a budget and JA's pillows are a tweety but too much? How great are these homemade felt letter pillows we found on Etsy!

They are fluffy Scrabble letters!!!
Cute! And at $25 a pop? Done and Done!

Uh oh!!! What do we have here? Oh nothing....just a hand carved alphabet dresser from Kent and London. Sooooo good! Imagine it painted in a bright color!

Ugghhhh TDF!!!!!
The good news? It's $5000 and the best news? It's from the UK so we don't have to worry about how we can get one ;)

You know what we can have and have been seeing all over town? Bus roll art.

They are vintage and sometimes recreated posters or wood blocks that the bus stations used to post to say where the buses at that station were going. They are sooo cool looking.

So instead of the amazing yet expensive real ones we found this super cute one that would look unbelievable in a little kids room or a bathroom!

Gotta get one of these!

Need a good throw or still gotta grab a great gift? Restoration has cashmere throws that you can have monogrammed!!!

YES PLEASE!!! POR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfection for winter snuggles with your hot cocoa!

Put your "stamp" on it! Get some typography in your casa...or just paint your initials on the wall ;)

xoxo things-we-heart

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