Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashion Friday: Tip Top 5 N.Y.E dresses!

Alright readers... We are gonna give it to you short and sweet. Just the way we like our dresses!

We are happy to let you know that Christmas is exactly one week from today!
We are sorry to let you know that two weeks from today, you will have to step out of the snuggie, take off the sweats and face getting ready and looking hot for New Years Eve!

So basically what we are saying is enjoy your homemade fudge and cookies now, but come next Saturday... It is time to get back to our diets! :(

We have gathered together a sharply edited collection of party dresses just right for ringing in the New Year!

Here are our top 5.
(This is really just a wish list, because some of these dresses are wacko expensive!)

Thank you Pixie Market for bringing us fun and color and fantasy with this coral one shouldered dream come true.

Oh, we are really loving this color and everything else about this pretty dress.
It sort of says, "Hello 2010... I'm ready for some fun!"

If you are looking to make more of a "Hello 2010, I'm here to kick ass and take names!" look, then look no farther then this Mason by Michelle Mason Dress.

It is like the perfect simple little black dress, with an edge.

The asymmetrical strap with the metal detailing is the only adornment you will need! We love easy pretty outfits!

Do you know what we love even more? Girlie tuxedos!
And we would DIE to have this one to call our own!

Erin Fetherston nailed it with this fantastic design!
So simple, so sexy, so stylish...
We all want to be that girl at the party.

As much as I love this tuxedo, If I could buy it, I would buy it for my partner Miss t-w-h.... She is CooCoo for CoCo, so this is right up her alley!

We really love this dress... Can't believe the pockets... So amazing!
We have been really good this year, if you would like to send us this dress for Christmas that would be so sweet of you!
Love & Hearts,
The Girls of T-W-H

Wow, we hope that Matthew gets that letter, we would die to wear this beautiful gold dress... But it is a wee bit above our budget, or honestly miles above our budget.

Dreaming is nice though, and this is a dress to dream about.

And while we are on the subject of dreams... This insane giant print, black and silver, one strapped, tutu inspired, mini dress is every thing you could ever ask for in a New Years Eve Dress!
So Sparkly, So fun! This dress lets the world know you are happy and fun and beautiful!

This Acne dress is making us really angry now... We have to put the computer down and go dig through our closet again looking for anything we have that looks remotely like this!
Whatever you end up wearing to ring in 2010, (and remember you have 2 more weeks to get ready)
we hope you have a happy healthy time.
We thank you for reading our blog as often as you do, and for supporting us.
This year, all of the love we have felt from all of you has been our greatest gift.
Now go enjoy the snuggie and have some more fudge! You have one more week to be naughty!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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