Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decor to Die For: Great Gifts for Great People!

With the holiday season coming close...OMFG!!!! It's only a couple of weeks away!!!!!!!!!

OK, with the holiday season's time to get some gifts (unless you do it the way it should be done...which is not as fun but feels pretty freaking good...and that is giving out donations to charities on behalf of your friends and family), now instead of not putting any thought into it, or buying gift cards...AGAIN...or regifting,

Which btw is super fun to watch the other persons face when they open the re-gift,

Use our gift guide and your cute lil noggin to really make your recipient feel loved.

Now, because it's decor day, these are gifts for the home. Check back on other days to get other ideas for beauty gifts, fashion and foodie gifts ;)

And away we go...

For the super cute nature loving funky mother f'n people in your life....let them spice up their walls with these suuuuuper rad ceramic deer heads.

See?? Who needs to put up real deer heads on their walls to show their lack of self esteem when you have these! ?

Next up for your uber retro lovin modern friends who have almost everything....what about a vintage-esque clock radio with Ipod adapter? This screams thoughtful!

Um yes please! We will take 2!

If you have to regift that wine that your (hardly thoughtful) friend brought over...then at least regift it with total balls and style....
These cleaver and hilarious Pop Tag wine tags are perf! Plus you can tie them on anything for a lil truthful and cute honesty!

Yummy yummy yummmmmmmm...these Pottery Barn faux fur throws are delish for your digs...
They are absolutely luscious and chic to the 9s. Your friends will run around butt nekkid with these wrapped around them, guaranteed! Hopefully they will send you some pics...or not.
Plus you can save on gift wrap...just fold into a square and tie a beautiful opposing ribbon around thick ribbon on white blanket and white on black.

Tres chic!

For the ultimate in thoughtful gift giving make it uber personalized.
We are craaazy hearting all things silhouette right now and these family silhouette pillows kill us.
Soooo cute right? Le Papier makes pillows for 1, a couple or like this one that shows what happens when a couple likes each other A LOT!

What about that girl/guy that looooves pop art and fun decor but you have no clue what the poop to do? Make them a crazy cool custom neon sign. No one will ever top that or thank you more than the lucky recipient.
P.S. Remember that S&M post? The "swallow" neon that was ridiculous and crazy $$$? will make that for waaay less moolah.

You're welcome! or should I say thanks!!!

What is a decor post with out mentioning one of the Kings of decor...our true love and BF...Jonathan Adler.
WOW! We suuuuper heart this black "Druggist" Love vase from Mr. Adler-Doonan.
We heart how the sweet and Victorian-esque design is punked up with a matte black finish. Perfection.

How rad is this Fast vase from Rosenthal? Look closely...
It's like the vase was running super fast (maybe away from your friends wrapped in the fur blankie) while it was drying. Great one for the person who loooves fresh flowers. Grab a few black roses throw in this bad boy...tie on a grosgrain ribbon and tada!

For your candle loving friends who already got a candle you found on the candle post... grab them a set of the 7 deadly sins candles from Z Gallerie. They will never buy these for themselves.

Got a few extra $$$ lying around? Buy the OG versions of the 7DS candles from one of our favs DLco. These exquisitely scented votives will smell up your whole casa...

P.S. F the Snuggie and don't you dare buy them another tie...put some heart into it! They are worth it aren't they???

P.P.S. Etsy has suuper cute and unique gifts! OR try local craft fairs...and not the ones your nana goes to...there are cool ones out there...just google it.

xoxo t.w.h.
P.S- Do you heart Oprah? We do! And guess what? She hearts us too!
Check out our blog on The big "O's" Holiday gift guide extravaganza!

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