Sunday, December 20, 2009

No Bueno!! Surprise delivery!!

Honey!! Oh my gosh! It's time! The baby is on the way & I have been so busy wrapping presents all month, I forgot to pack a bag for the hospital!

Want to make your pregnant wife REALLY REALLY happy?
(Come on fellas you know it isn't easy to do that right now!)
Give her a Little Stork delivery Bag for Christmas and you can score some major points!

Because nothing is more No Bueno then getting to the hospital with your pregnant wife and realizing you forgot to bring the camera!
With the Little Stork Delivery bag... Well, it really is all in the bag!
Loaded with everything you want and everything you didn't even know you would need!
We super heart these Little Stork Delivery bags! Miss Me had one for each of her two son's deliveries into this world, and can't imagine what she would have done with out them!

Check out their newly relaunched web-site and be the best Santa around this year!

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