Monday, December 7, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart holiday makeup looks!

With the Holiday Season in full effect it's time for our fav things.......PARTIES!!! We luuurve any great excuse to dress up and not look like tomboys for a second.

And what's better than a party?...A holiday party. And what makes a Holiday party even better? Fun makeup! Well fun makeup and champagne that is.

Finally festive makeup gets its due attention. Who doesn't love a good red lip or sparkly glittery eye?

No really? Who? Just tell us...seriously tell us? Hee hee.
OK, you don't have to say a word but trust us ladies of Things We Heart...they will after this post. And if they don'

So let's jump on our sleigh of sparkle...our wagon of wonder...our hybrid of holiday makeup...our car of crismon...our...OK OK... we will stop.

Here we go..all aboard our boat of beauty...Sorry hee heeee.

The number 1 go to holiday makeup item are red lips.

Luscious deep, red lips. You could literally keep your whole face clean (well a bit o' blush and concealer can't hurt) and pop on some red and look done.

MACs Viva Glam is a universally flattering deep red color. It will truly look amazing on everyone!

And the best part? They donate 100% of the proceeds of each sale to the fight against HIV/AIDS. That's worth it right there.

But if you are looking for a brighter more true red that lasts thru your 4th glass of champers then look no further than Loreal's Endless Lipstick in Crimson Joy.

I think I shall pick up a tube of this ASAP considering my hankering for a champagne proof lip color.

Another amazing way to look full o' cheer? Sparkly eye makeup....yup liner and shadow.

Well, maybe not together but both are suuper sexy and crazy alluring.

One swipe of Nars' Silent Night gold glam shadow and you are good to go!

The gold flecks of glittering gold are g-g-gorgeous!

Our newest crush in shadows are the ones that are practically luminescent (or chrome-like if you apply with a slightly heavier hand)...not glittery or shimmery but glowy.

We suuuper heart these 3 colors from Bobby Brown.

Ppsst...try the pewter for a lightly smoldering eye...hotness!

PS Both these shadows are begging for red lips! Just use a light hand when applying.

We have been OBSESSED with glittery eyeliner since my bout with turquoise glitter incident at Miss Me's wedding.
We were made fun of but looking back it was sooo pretty! We now have about 10 different colors and as we went thru them for this post we found the 2 perfect ones for the holidays. You're welcome!

Sephora makes a great black and silver specked pencil liner that is super easy to use.

And now they created an entire kit for the perf glittering eye look!

Easy breezy beautiful...we love the silver liquid one that you can put on the tip of your lashes for a come hither look.

Last week at our bi-weekly jaunt into XXI, we came across a super great sparkling liquid liner in gold and silver.

It would look amazing lining a small part of your top OR bottom lid.

For a tutorial of how to get the most glam glitter eye go's easy and fast and worth it.

Another tip for the perfect eye....don't forget the lashes! They will work wonders...we promise!

These amazing ones from Sonia K at Tar-Jay only look whorish...but once you put them on you won't believe your won't believe your EYES!
They will make your bfs and gfs swoon with lust and jealousy...Done and Devilishly Done!

Now, for an over all "glow" that looks more like your skin is made of pearl rather than shimmer, we are crazy in heartville with Too Faced Candlelight glowing powder.

It makes you look lit within and ethereal...we'll take it!

Why should your face have all of the fun glowy fun...Make your gorge bod glow glam style with this ridiculously cute and yummy smelling shimmer powder from Benefit.
Just put a little of the lilac silvery shimmer on with the pouf and poof! Sex-y to the 3rd power. Watch out Sasha Fierce!

And for the finishing touches that will leave you soooo sparkly...soooo glittery...sooo perfectly festive you will wish it was the Holidays all year round!

Oooh la la...we heart a good glitter polish...

Deborah Lippmann gives it to us good with her holiday vampy polish set. Soooo chic!
Loving that Ruby Red Slippers...sooo vampire chic! (Edward we miss you!!!!)
That black is pretty f'n fantasmic as well!

Nail salons love them a good China Glaze color...last week we did the silver sparkle (3 coats) and it's soooo cute!

I can't stop staring at my nails...but too bad for my they are too cute to do the dishes ;)
Thank God for dishwashers!

Why should your face, body and nails have all of the fun???
Your hair would die to be shimmery and festive too!

Mr. Fekkai brings us yet another glitter flecked product for your hairs pleasure.
His Gelee mist in Golden Shimmer will turn your limp locks into luminous gorge locks in no time flat!

Go party! Get glittery and glowy!!!

P.S. Even after your partying and champers...don't forget to take off all your gorge makeup! I keep a package of makeup wipes by my bed for just those nights ;)

XOXO- Things-We-Heart
P.S- Do you heart Oprah? We do! And guess what? She hearts us too!
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