Monday, March 16, 2009

Eye heart eyeliner...

who wouldn't want the doe-eyed gaze of Penelope or the fantastically smudged eye of Kate Moss? their perfect eye lining techniques not only make them the glamazons that they are but they have become their signature.  

well its time the beauty lusters of the world get their own gorgeous gaze. but have no fear!  we have done your homework for you!!  (well homefun it should be called, because playing dress up in front of the bathroom mirror and 4 cats, is super fun.  plus the cats never think your silly for spending 3+ hours in there and it gives them more time to make circle 8s between your legs) 

your never ending search for the ultimate eyeliner is done!  after many years of searching for the perfect smudge, line, color, consistancy, and price we have found the best 4 eyeliners in the biz.

first and foremost we are soo happy to present Josie Maran Eyeliner as one of our top picks.  not only is the product great but its made with natural and organic ingredients... yes thats right eco-queens...ORGANIC!  
this liner glides on beautifully and creates a gorge smudge.  you can find it on or in their stores nation wide.  its mid level price and  ease of application makes this our top pick.
colors- black, grey and brown.  (easy peasy)  
price- $18

*next up in our quest for the best we found Covergirl Perfect Blend. Yup that Covergirl.. from the 80's.  (ah Carol Alt... how we heart thee)
this beautiful product has melted our hearts... well maybe the combo of wonderfulness and the $5 price tag did it.  
its super easy to apply, stiff enough for a strong 50's line yet soft enough for the perfect smudge and if that wasn't enough to make you cry, it has a built in smudger!  move over Moss.
colors- black, charcoal and cobalt blue!  (its so 80's, we are a bit embarrassed to heart this color so much)
price- $5 

*now on our trip to eyeliner heaven is one for the ultimate bombshells.  this one will make any mini Sophia Loren, Bettie Page lover or  50's cat-eye queen  scream with excitement.

introducing Physicians Formula Eyebrightener Liquid Eyeliner.  with shimmery pigments that subtly catch the light for a come-hither wink and an amazingly precise applicator tip that makes that winged line as simple as um... hmmm... well super simple, this liquid liner wins one of our top spots and a place in our hearts forever.
color- metallic black
price- $6.50

*last but obviously not ahhhhhhh...our dream weaver.  Lancome Le Crayon Kohl

create the perfect cat eye or supermodel smudge with this do anything pencil.  and it lasts forever, plus you feel super shmancy using it at the bathroom mirror in LA.  
this lil' beauty lines, contours, smudges and glides on the inner rim for dramatically defined or super smoldering effects.
colors- moss, ebony and gris
price- $23.50

you're welcome ;)  xoxo t-w-h

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kate said...

You're amazing! This is exactly what I need.