Thursday, March 26, 2009

Decor (to die for): We heart reclaimed wood tables!

Ok...dilemma..well not DILEMMA...but a decor dilemma...which in my little world still counts as one.   

I live in a beautiful house (I promise that this has to do with the dilemma, its not bragging) that we accented with glamour-meets rock and roll- meets fun.  This decor fete is so hard to do for someone like me.  It has taken me 2 years to finish and I am still not done!   
Every time I see something new or that my crazy talented blog partner has, I change my mind and want something else.  

OK, here is where the dilemma (wow how weird does that word look?)  is...recently Eco Chic Glamour has taken my heart and my eyes hostage. 
Its amazing!  So chic, so used yet so new, so vintage, so glam yet so "i love the Earth but i don't have hairy pits or smell like patchouli"   But it doesn't go anywhere in my house :(.  

I still need to get a few pieces of furniture and I have to fake a smile and walk by these fantastic French-hippie-chic pieces when I come across them.

So for you and maybe for get it out of my system.... i present Reclaimed Wood Eco-Chic Tables.  

OK, deep they are.

I love this one...

i saw it while I was en route to my new fav spot yogurtland...
Its from 22 Bond St.  Love the almost clinical like industrial metal legs with casters against the Belgium reclaimed wood top.

Next up is one from CB2 that I have been ooogling for months!  
Its called the Darjeeling Table... so cute right?!  I want it and keep "accidentally" leaving the picture to show my BF but its a no go.  A girl can dream.   The price can't be beat and the styling is perfection.  Its made with old Indian railroad ties!  It's not trying too hard, but it's still super cool, clean and chic.  Love it paired with modern white chairs too!  

For all of you "hippie modernists" (i just made that up) here is one from Mystery Buddha.  

The gorge wood (reclaimed teak) and clean lines will perfectly blend in and accentuate any modern or not so modern decor.

Restoration Hardware got in early on the trend and designed this yummy reclaimed wood coffee table.  It's a great size for any living area large or small.  It will make a huge impact!  Imagine white orchids and punk rock coffee table books set on top of this beauty... YUMMM

There are a few more out there that are just as amazing... if you want to see them just ask and you shall receive.  

P.S. If you do get one of these gems... I would love to see it and faun all over it, but keep an eye on me 'cuz if you don't, I may steal it when you are not looking.

P.P.S. Just kidding...kinda.  Maybe I will just stain it with my tears of lust.

xoxo t-w-h

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