Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random hearts: We heart amazing animal videos and love that has no boundries!!!

Yes, we have all been passed a few of these pics and videos recently...but have you really watched them? We mean really watched, listened and took in the amazingness...the messages or just pure hilarity of them all.

Nothing can brighten your heart, awaken your spirit, and put a huge smile on your purdy lil face like an animal video.

Their innocence and intelligence can teach us humans a thing or three ;)
So enjoy our favs...and P.S. you may want to keep a few tissues next to you.

The one that started it all...Christian the Lion. There are no boundaries of this love. It is pure, it is good, it will make you cry if you haven't seen it...and if you have watch it again.

OK, now is a good time to grab your tissues and someone you love.
This is by far the best video we have ever seen!! Everyone who sees it cries and is speechless...good luck!
An elephant and a friends through thick and thin.
This is a story about a love that goes beyond is a love that crosses species, all languages (even animal language) and rips through every single stereotype to get to the purest form of love.
OMFG, if you thought cats and rats were supposed to be mortal enemies in the animal kingdom you are sooo very wrong. These 3 obviously don't care about the cliche we have placed on them.
The ratty lurves the cat sooo much he won't stop at anything until he gets a lil snuggle.
Nora won't let us humans be the only ones to play the piano. Her love and obsession with the ivories is the best thing ever!
Obviously she likes to play her own hello?...she is a cat...of course she plays it her own way!

Just watch! Laugh and watch again! He for sure has a ninja black belt! Kinda scary a ridiculously hilarious way. this next one may be a wee bit sappy and sticky sweet but hopefully it will remind us to love one another no matter what...Go to 2:20 for the best biscuits in town!

Reach out and hug a friend and love til no end.

P.S. This is one of the best websites ever to brighten up your day!

P.P.S. Thank you K.R., E.B. and T.K. for inspiring us to do this rad post!!!

xoxo t.w.h.

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