Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion Friday: We are Gladiators! (sorry...i love the movie Gladiator) Redux

They were hot in the Roman Era around 180 A.D. and yup they are so fab they managed to hang around until 2009 A.D.   

Um hello?!?   That's 1,829 years of being in style and fashion.   They have been bigger than ever through the last 4 seasons (super rare in these finicky fashion times) and are back for another round, getting better than ever for SP/SU 2009.  (oh that's spring/summer..sorry that's annoying)

Oh god!  I'm so excited!!  Wow!!!... I need help. partner is bringing me back... breathe 2...3....4... breathe....

We heart these uber stylish sandals so much.  Not only are they super easy to wear (we don't have to diet to get into them..yippie!) but they go with almost anything...well not '90s g-string bathing suits...but pretty much everything else.

Gladiators come in so many styles you could wear a different one everyday of the year!!!!...AHHH!!   OK...breathe...breathe... wheeww... sorry!
But they do come in every color, size, style, heel height you can imagine and they are oh so flattering to your painted tootsies. (toes to those with out a Jewish mother)

For our most favorite ever we introduce you to these beauties.  
Hardcore details and soft braiding they are the perfect balance!  The price can't get much better and they look super shmancy pants.
These would be rad with Hammer Pants or a cute flowy high-waist short shorts like these.

Now for those who love fast food but didn't read the fantastic FF post on Tuesday we present these helpful yet fashiony-ish pair from FitFlop.

Not only are these bad boys R.T.W but they help perk up your tush and take away cellulite too!!  WHHHATTTT???  Yup!  Check out the technology here.

What's black, strappy, sexy and just plain redic?  Noooo, sicko! Um, it's these G.S. (Gladiator Sandals) from Free People.  

2 words...yum..mmers. Oh and sex..y.
Perfect with a cute mini or flowy hippie dress. 

OMG these 12th Street Dinah sandals are T.D.F. (To Die For..ok ill stop)
How cute is that sunshine-y yellow! With tan gams and almost any bottoms you can not go wrong with these perfect summer sandals.  These would even be great with leggins and a cute tunic.  Comfort and cute..done and done.

P.S.  much like a lot of todays fashions for the feet or pants...throw on a cute easy breasy tee or tank and you are R.T.G (Ready To Go..ok sorry that was the last one...we promise)

xoxo t-w-h

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