Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yummies: Bellissimo Portobello!

It is totally that time of year again, the time for super fun pool parties and B.B.Q's!
So, we have been thinking about, and craving and then thinking about again and then craving some more portobello mushroom burgers! Because yum, yum and yum again, what a great meat free way to celebrate summer! So easy to B.Y.O.P (bring your own portobello)  to a friends party and be the no hassle veggie lover friend and not the, "Jeesh, I guess I will just eat some potato salad and lettuce, because all you have is meat at your party." kind of friend! 

How amazing is this little stack of mini mushroom burgers? 
So cute, so delicious, so perfect for a cocktail party. 
Want to make some for your next shin-dig? Check out the how-to here

Known as the "vegetarian meat" portobello mushrooms have a high amounts of Vitamin B & potassium, plus they are low in calories! (That is, until I smother them in cheese!) 
Besides the health benefits, they taste great and are super easy peasy! 
Despite being easy to grill and cook, they seem really fancy pants and gourmet, so it is simple to impress your friends at dinner parties. 

Try whipping up some of these scrumptious stuffed portobellos for your guests. 
Chock full of yummy spinich, sundried tomatoes, bread crumbs, tomato, garlic and parmesan (see what I mean about the cheese?). 
Serve these with a baby greens salad and a nice white wine and presto, instant hostess with the most-ess status achieved! 

Another favorite of the T-W-H girls is mushroom risotto, Miss Me and Ms. Things we heart have been known to try and order this as a "side" to share with each-other  in addition to our main meal... But we found out pretty quickly that was a no bueno idea, this stuff is pretty heavy and quite filling, so make this your main course! Our black tights-boots-flowy top- uniform can only hide so much! 
Besides we can always split that chocolate cake for desert! 

Enjoy the summer eats readers! 

P.S. - Just because my crazy brain works in such a way, that whenever the word summer comes to mind, this song runs through my head for the rest of the day... I will let you enjoy it with me! 

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