Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fashion Flash: Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer....

It is like all our childhood dreams come back round again. There is nothing that says feminine like a soft pink flowing top, hair pulled back in a simple bun.... Yes,that's right readers, it is time to bust out the pink, black and grey and make like a ballerina. 

Because, not only do ballerinas have grace and beauty in their costumes, these gals have some wicked street style! Take Leroy from Fame pictured above, or better yet don't, but take his short-shorts over sweats look and run with it! So what you can't fouette en tournant, you can look like you can! 

Lets get busy and grande jette into some amazing looks! (I promise to stop using ballet terms at some "point" in this post. Wow, this is going to be hard.) 

This is an affordable and sweet ballerina look from American Apparel, this dress called the Sac dress can be worn in any number of ways, we are partial to this light pink and black version worn in this classic way. 

Ignore the styling in the photo above, (Oh, American Apparel, what is with the belt?) but the bloomers are simply adorable! Throw them on with a pretty camisole and some sweet flats and it will look like you just ran out of the dance studio! 

(Maloles studded ballet flats) 

We also heart all the looks from Elizabeth and James right now. Super amazing, floaty and ballet inspired. 

Unfortunately for us, yet, fortunately for M.K & Ashley, Elizabeth and James is a little on the higher end price wise.... But really beautiful and worth every penny if you are looking to splurge on yourself. (And why not?) 

But be sure our sweet little loves, The gals at Things-we-heart are always looking out for a great bargain, and here it is!   

Yummy little criss-cross back straps on this beauty from Urban Outfitters
So simple and sexy and easy! Everything we love in one little dress. Pair this with your gladiator sandals and hit the streets. Par terre. 

For a more casual relaxed look, perhaps for the beach or just grabbing lunch with the girls on Sunday morning, may we suggest this super soft and slouchy T-shirt/dress/delight from La Roc. 

Going some where a little more dressy? Still want to look like a Prima Ballerina? Look no further then this beautiful dress, complete with tulle underskirt from Haute Hippie

So pretty, so girlie, so fresh! Isn't it fun to be all grown up and still be able to play dress up? We certainly think so!

XOXO- Thing we heart. 

(P.S. This ones for you partner.) 

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