Monday, May 25, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart sun(less) tan(ner)s!!!

Summertime is upon us... one of the most glorious times of the year. The birds are singing, the beaches are bumping (wow that word takes us back), the dance parties are a-plenty and the bodies are golden.

Nothing can make you feel as sexy and slim (yay) then the way a golden suntan can. Its like an insta diet and workout session...(buh bye cellulite! see you in a few months...a-hole... ooopss we digress), but there is nothing that damages your skin and causes skin cancer like the Suns UVA and UVB rays...BOOOOO

Did you know 90% of wrinkles come from the UV sun rays!!!!! (oh no!!!!! we are in trouble!...) No one needs this post more than the t.wh. gals.. We were born and are certified beach bunnies.

So sunscreen... come to our rescue!!! and self tanners.... save us! (beach bunnies are a bit lost in the summer with out our trademark bronzed skin)

They say the golden suntan look began in the 1920s when the goddess that is Coco Chanel (ahhh the queen of chic) came back from the Mediterranean with a golden glow and everyone was envious of her "healthy" look.

But by the late '80s doctors and dermatologists found out that that "golden glow" was one of the most deadly (sorry... it's scary but true) colors out there.

So now we say goodbye to the wonderful days of basking in the rays of the sun (but they can never take us away from going to the beach and swimming in the waves) and seek out other ways to comfort our bright white skin (and my t.w.h. cellulite patch)

It's super confusing on which S.T. (Sunless Tanner) to get with soooo many on the market . I mean who has the time and, um hello?... the moolah to try them all.. so we did it for you.

We rounded up our favs (tried and tested) and most wallet friendly're welcome ;

First up we introduce to you a fan favorite. St Tropez Self Tanner.  It has been around for quite a while but never gets the attention it so rightly deserves (they don't spend TONs on advertising and use word of mouth instead...kinda like us!)

St. Tropez Mousse Self Tanner.

This one is the winner for soo many reasons.

1. The tan it gives you is truly golden brown. No Oompa Loompas here.
2. Its super easy to apply and dries fast

3. Our bf won't give us cuddles when we apply other S.T. but when we used this, he didn't even know! Woo Hoo

It is a bit tricky to find but well worth the hunt.

Next up on the sunless tanner train is Sally Hansen Airbrush Self Tanner.
We super heart this one. The price makes our wallet sing, the easy and fast application is divine and the glow it gives are legs is worthy of a mini skirt! It has a slight odor, but is not nearly as bad as the others.

It helps to apply it before bed..let it dry for 5 min and you are RTG or RTTS (ready to tan and sleep.)

This is the only one we haven't tried, but after reading the reviews we ordered it. Not only are the reviews amazing...this product is organic. Wait... let us say it again...ORGANIC self tanner! Thank you Lavera Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion!
Thank you for your organic ways and leading the pack in great, inexpensive and organic products.

After waltzing in the our local Victoria's Secret (and closing our eyes so we don't stare directly at the ridiculously hot Supermodels) we walked past the Bare Bronze section and stumbled upon this little beauty.

Well if it's good enough for a supermodel then we'll take it.

Hmmm...good but not great. We heart it for the price and product but it didn't leave us, A. looking like Gisele and B. we don't really remember it. So, it does the trick but didn't leave a huuuuge impression.

We also just ordered LiLo's (lindsey lohan to people out side of LALA) newest product.
Sevin Nyne sunless tanner. She created it with an uber famous tanning specialist (yup, we guess those exist) and supposedly while it is a bit messy, its fantastic and smells great. We shall see. And we just hope it is better than her leggin line ;)

Before you spray on your glow, here are some tips on how to prepare your porcelain skin.

Now, if you have turned to a self tanner not on our list of fab fav,s and you ended up looking like this...

Here are some tips on how to remove it.

This St. Tropez remover is great if sliced lemons aren't cutting it.

N.K.Y.? We are soooo uber excited to use the tanning machine you bought! Now if only we can find a place around from all of the boys (sorry boys for our eyes only) to use it! Lets paint on cleavage and 6 pack abs... well you NKY already have those.

Now go be glam, be bold, be bronze!!! (with out the sun and melanoma!)

xoxo t.w.h.

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