Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Hearts: HEY YOU GUYS!!! We heart The Goonies!!!

Yes we do! We heart the Goonies so, so very much... That we think this movie deserves it's own post.

And you know what? This movie is so great, it is not even random that we heart it! It is almost a given for anyone who watched it as a kid. 
What other film so deftly combines adventure, comedy, one eyed pirates, mobsters, cheer leaders and all around spookiness? We can't think of a single one.  
When the Goonies found that treasure map in Mikey & Brand's attic the adventure was about to begin! And for generation after generation kids will enjoy watching the Goonies save their town! This pop culture favorite is as good today as it ever was. 

Remember when Chunk got locked in the freezer with all the ice cream and the dead guy?! We have two words for that scene.... Cinema MAGIC!! Really only to be topped by the next scene where Chunk "Talks" and proceeds to tell the bad guys "Everything".  You can even buy art inspired by that monologue! 

Speaking of the bad guys.... How F*%#ing scary was Mama Fratelli?  She was seriously one bad ass bitch! We remember she used to give us the goose bumps. Yikes! 

Not to mention all the cute fellas that were in this movie! We might have watched it a few times just to see brad in those awesome short-shorts over sweats! Sooooo cute! Andy was just so much better off with him then that dumb jock Troy. What a jerk he was! Hmmm maybe that is the root of our aversion to jocks! 

A million little girls hearts are set a flutter by the Goonies boys! 
Maybe we should go rent this tonight... Oh wait never mind, we own it! 
We hope you also heart the Goonies and that this brought you back a lot of memories. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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