Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart cardigans!!

Oh boy! We really, really do heart cardigans! (or cardies as we call them)
You will NEVER catch a Things-We-Heart girl with out one of these wonder accessories close at hand. 
And, yes, we call them accessories, because we think they really dress up any outfit just the same way jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and handbags do. Cardigans are or should be an essential part of every girls outfit! 

Here are a few of the cardigans we heart.... Just a few though, because we don't usually meet a cardigan we DON'T like. 

Classic letterman style. Cute and affordable, from our friends at Urban Outfitters

Next up, we have is this white ruffled cardi from Leifsdottir... At first we were like, "Wow, what a cute sweater!" Then we were like, "Wait is it cute?" Then we thought, "Oh yeah, for sure it is super cute look at that adorable crochet ruffle!", and then we thought... "Is it super Nelly Olson from Little House on the Prairie?!". But then we remembered we secretly LOVED her and we decided we need the sweater. 

Can anyone say "Every single day!" because that is when we would wear this sweater from Splendid. And for $79 it is not only stylish and comfy, it is a steal! 
Throw it on with cut off shorts a cute camisole, your fringed hobo, some pretty sandals and watch out weekend here you come! 

Alright, we have a really good plan, lets keep this one between us dear readers, because this one is a little sneaky. We think you should buy this Comme des Garcons sweater for your honey. Tell him it is his Birthday, Valentines, Christmas, Chanukah, Anniversary, Can't believe it is so expensive present. But here is the catch, you steal it from his closet and wear it more then he does! Voila! You get to be the super sweet thoughtful lover and be absolutely styling at the same time! Your welcome. 

Oh, yeah here comes a little double breasted loveliness from the unstoppable minds over at Theory. The creamy color, the light weight fabric, the amazing double row of buttons, make this the perfect cardigan! (*Disclaimer: Their can be more then one perfect cardigan right? You can't really cheat on a sweater right? We don't want our other cardies getting jealous.) 
So perfect in fact, that stores are having to re-order this style just to keep up with sales! 
You can get it in blue here, but we are partial to the color pictured below. 

This little striped beauty is made by Splendid.
Super cute for a day at the beach or a night at the movies. This would look great with your studded converse and some skinny jeans. 

This list really could go on and on and on.... We encourage you to stop by some of our favorite on-line shops to check out their sweater collections.

But please, keep the cute cardigans to yourself, let mother nature dress your pets. She makes them beautiful enough on her own, they don't need to wear any clothes. 

XOXO, Things-We-Heart

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