Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday: We j'adore hardcore jewelry!

Well, well, well Miss Hardcore Jewelry... where have you been? 
Hiding in stores like Hot Topic (just kidding...wrong kind of hardcore..we aren't talking spikes on pleather...well we kinda are...huh, wow!) ?  Or being sooo out of reach for us mere mortals that we just have to hope and pray you will come to us...(instead of us slobbering in the windows of Needless Markup and Sux Fifth Ave)

We are sooo uber happy that hardcore jewelry is's so back that when we put links to our fav pieces, you won't poop in your panties from the sticker shock. 

Not only has it trickled its way to us but all of the pieces are sooo cool,  sooo unique that you can probably wear them forever!

Hardcore jewelry is a walking contradiction, just like us t.w.h. gals... 
ummm, yeah...that's not us... almost ;)

It's a perfect mixture of girly pretty and stinky boy toughness,  it's mean yet at the same time friendly to the eye,  it looks equally chic with a white tee-shirt than it does with a l.b.d. (little black dress), and it's totally au courant but will out live trends.  

Each piece is like a fingerprint!  Some of our favorites are super hot and amazing yet we may not be able to pull them they are not quite us.. but then there are others that are also just as amazing and hard and we could totally wear them and they look like they belong to us. (wow super long sentence... I may need to go back to English class)
that's erin wasson..she is the epitome of clash of the fashion in a perfect way

Let each piece find you and vice versa.  And with soooo many lines out there we did a wee bit if cherry picking for you recessionistas out there... hope you don't mind ;)  If you do mind we will be more than happy to show you some other lines that will be oh, so excited to take your moolah.

So enjoy the fruits o' the hardcore mavens.

Yummy yummy yuuummmm!  
Thank you Subversive for this amazing piece of art.  So delicate yet soo chunky. 

How rad would this look over a Alexander Wang tee or and amazing strapless dress? UUGGGHH we totally need this!  

Here's the soft version of Subversive's piece from Forever 21.  More dainty yet still wrong in the coolest kind of way. 

And how about these super rad chunky drop chain earrings from Urban Outfitters (we bow down to our temple of inexpensive pieces of art, fun and fashion).  

2 side braids, a slouchy tank, skinny jeans and you are RTG!  

Speaking of one of our fave stores, we found this necklace that is so sweet, so hard, so cute, so wrong that we stare at it every time we are there but never found the cajones to wear.  Why?

It's the perfect combo of hard and soft!  
And we all know how uber we heart pyramid studs!

Wanna feel a lil' Mr T vibe while still being cute and en vogue?  Try this hot ass necklace from F21.
Triple chain over a vintage tee and a blazer?  Hello cute girl... we hope you have a hot date... if not you will get one with that getup.

OOOHHHH Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!  This piece will forever remind us of you!  We heart you and this rad vampire charm.  YUMMM (hee hee oooppssieee...inappropriate!)

OK, the next 2 designers deserve their own post and are the reason for this one.  Thank you Bliss Lau and Leviticus Jewelry!  Thank you.

We lurve lurve lurve this chest necklace from Bliss Lau!  
So amazing!!  There are no words!  WOW!

And if that wasn't enough they give us the 1, 2 punch with this unbelievable piece of body jewelry.  These gorge sleeves are TDF!

Now if those 2 pieces are a wee bit too mucho but you still love the idea of body jewelry (ala Alexander Wang show) try these 2 harnesses. 
They would look amazing over a wife beater tank and under a tight leather jacket with denim cut offs and boots.  (oops our dream outfit...sorry to push on you!)

Here is Leviticus 5 strand halter necklace.  
So Cleopatra circa 2009!

Or the Blisslau more simple version.

Well that's all we got!  Hope you hardcore girly girls can find a piece to suit you and your mean, nice, cute, weird, fun, serious, boy, girl, clean, dirty self!

xoxo t.w.h.

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