Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random hearts: There's No Business Like Show Business!

One Singular Sensation... every little step we take....

We totally heart Every Little Step, (and not the Bobby Brown song..although it too is AMAZING) the documentary from James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo, that chronicles the pain, passion, dreams, heartache and bravery that goes into following the dreams of dancers and singers auditioning for the Broadway Musical, The Chorus Line.  (wow, that sounds super professional..right?)

So, its like a movie of the movie about the movie... amazing and unbelievable.

From the moment we sat down it had us... maybe it was because we want to have enough courage to follow our passion and not be afraid of failure, or maybe it was because it was real and we were rooting for these people American Idol style, or maybe it was just because it is simply that fantastic!

It all started in a small lower east side room in 1974 from an idea that choreographer, Michael Bennett had to make a tribute to dancers passions and talent.  
12 hours of reel to reel was recorded of a 18 singers and dancers about the roller coaster of having Broadway dreams.  They drank endless bottles of cheap, red wine laughed cried and revealed their deepest secrets, desires, dreams and experiences on the unpaved and dangerous road to success as a Broadway dancer.

The genius that is Michael, took these recordings and knew he had something.  He hired the It song writer of the times (for no money), Marvin Hamlisch, his partner Bob Avian to choreograph, and Nicholas Dante to help him take the 12 hours and turn it into...A Chorus Line.

Every Little Step intertwines the original 1974 tapes, with the original Chorus cast, and the audition process for the 2006 revival and made unbelievable magic happen.

But lets not forget one of the greatest dance movies out there...A Chorus Line ('80s version of the musical) ..
Well, and of course there is Dirty Dancing, Center Stage, Fame and The Turning Point, but this post is about A Chorus Line people! ;)

PLLLEAASSEE go here to find it in a theater near you.

Let it inspire you to follow your dreams and never give up.

P.S. Sorry to the people behind us if we bugged you with our sniffles... we were crying as if we were watching our own life on screen.... hee hee ...SOWWY 

xoxo t.w.h.

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