Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decor to die for: Preppy Chic!

Lilly Pulitzer, The Beverly Hills Hotel, kelly green and flamingo pink, painted white wicker chairs, sandy toes and Arnold Palmers, the A**hole bad guys in The Outsiders (not you Cherry Valence, you my dear are pure preppy gold), these are things that come to mind when I think of fantastic preppy chic. 
Yes, it is true they are all amazingly too square to be hip, but iconic and lovable at the same time. 

(Cherry & Ponyboy: I feel a random heart coming on!)

The amazing Lily Pulitzer then and now, she is the ideal laid back beach-preppy queen. 

Lets take some inspiration from her use of bright colors and outrageous prints and dress our nests with a preppy flair! 

Why not start with this statement maker, a Lily Pulitzer piano! Wow! I don't really have much more to say about this one. 

For a subtler take on true preppy chic, I turn once again to my Decor guru, Ruthie Sommers. She nails this style right on the head. With class and flair and a touch of whimsy... God,  I have a girl crush! But seriously? Raspberry walls, white chairs with lime green cushions? I wish I could crawl inside her brain and watch it work! 

And a softer version still, the color pallet is perfect! I could curl up in this soft seashell colored room and snooze the day away. 
Oh, Ruthie you are good! 

So what we can't all be Ruthie Sommers, Kelly Wearstler or Jonathan Adler... Who can? We can still be the best us we can be, and take all the beauty they create and put it together in our own little way. 

This is where we call in what the Things-We-Heart gals like to think of as our little secret.... This dear readers, is when we turn to Pottery Barn Teen!! Oh yes, that is right my little decor lovers. The teens have it, at least Pottery Barn Teen has it, and by it we mean super cute furniture, lighting, rugs and bedding! 

Take this adorable little doggie lamp, super chic and grown up. Could add just the right amount of "smile" to your desk. Or go for two of these and use them at your bedside. 

Let me think, is there a way to have all three colors of these amazing nesting tables in one room? Because the colors are so amazing and perfectly preppy. Hmmm I am thinking buy the green and the pink and pull a swap, so the green nests inside the pink and vice versa, perfect for bedside tables. (On which you can set your new doggie lamps!) 

So sweet, so simple, this flower chandelier is just what I would put in a little girls nursery, or in a cute and girly bathroom. Looks like one you would find at a flea market, but on the plus side, this ones wiring may actually work. 

See, we were being truthful, Pottery Barn teen is amazing. Don't take our word for it, check it out your self. 

If you want to take baby steps, and we get that, because jumping into a style is not easy. I think you should try these super adorable note pads from Kate Spade (Another Preppy Princess) 
If these cuties don't get your heart singing the preppy praises, then you just need to spend an evening with the Prom King and Queen of Prep.... Thats right, our hearts are all aflame, ladies and gentlemen... 

We give you.... 

Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass. 

And on that note, we say goodbye. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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