Thursday, May 7, 2009

Decor (to die for): We heart CB2! ( we know! soo good...right?!?)

Turns out an amazingly, great place to get yummy decor on the cheap (well, cheaper) is CB2.  

CB2 is the ultimate place to go for amazingly beautiful and fun modern decor... Its Crate and Barrel's younger and much cooler sibling.  It's like a chic and stylish version of Ikea but for people who like quality ;) and well, lasting style.

So a few months ago construction started on the corner of Sunset Blvd and Crescent Heights in LALA land and then the sign went up....we nearly crashed our car!  OMG!  CB2!!!

That catalogue we have been drooling and ordering from for years is coming to us?  

YES PLEASE!...hurry hurry, open, open (cue old school Mervyn's commercial)!!!

And it did (open) is an oasis in the middle of the crazy expensive furniture desert of LA.  It can really go toe to toe with the big guns of fun and modern furnishings.  

So we closed our eyes, took a deep breath, held on to our cute straw fedora (just say NO to skin cancer ladies) and went in...   It is fantastic!   

Here are a few (too many to choose from) of our fav finds from decor to furniture... 

A few weeks back we did a fantasmic reclaimed table post and one of our favs just happened to be from this haven of amazing decor.  We needed to see it in person... yup!  Even better than the picture in the well styled catalogue.  It took everything in our body not to buy it and surprise the boy... time.

We danced through the dining collections and wait...what??  Hello beauties!  

The Vapor Bar stool...

Sooo hearting Lucite furniture.  Its so modern and lofty yet can be mixed in to any decor for a little added chicness.  Imagine these at a kitchen island.  So great!

Those amazing clear chairs got us thinking.. hmm we need to spruce up our yards a bit.. it seems like most of the great outdoor furniture is usually teak wood or black metal...BORING!   Then we saw these...T.D.F. (To Die For)!!!  
How stupidly cute are these chairs?!  Great shape, idea and fantastic colors.  These with a teak or dark wood out door dining table..done and done. Mix 'um up for some real fun.   Use a few more for extra seating in the yard or deck.  They come in yellow, turquoise (and we all know how much we heart that color) and white.

Why is this pendant lamp the cutest thing ever!  Use a few at different lengths for added beauty and decor panache (great word!).  It will brighten up any room...even the kitchen!

(revere pendant)

And speaking of kitchens, how great are these glasses?  
So fancy-free yet so snazzy.  Serve wine in them and your guest will think you are the cats meow of hosting.  And with 6 different languages all saying cheers... so cute!  

Now after playing on your laptop all day..wouldn't you loooovvveee to snuggle up in this dreamy yet classically clean bed?  

This warm grey bed will go in any room...any color (preferably a bright one), and it snuggles you up in its square cocoon like shape....Ahhhh yum!

Imagine this with crispy cold sheets after a day at the beach or playing outside.  

OK, that bed just made us feel so snuggley and relaxed...NAP TIME!  Yay!   

Go to and have a blast!  

Remember, even a small item can change your room...and the big ones, well they make it.

xoxo t.w.h.

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