Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Hearts: As if it even has to be said....

The time has come kittens...the day we have been waiting for for a year...the thing that has caused Miss Twh and Miss Me's anti vampire men to roll their eyes and work out a little harder.

The time when we make arangements MONTHS in advanced with 8 different groups of girls to go to heaven for 2.5 hours and then again in our dreams.

It's here!!!!!!

Really!! Today!!! (Well last night for the die die die hards who were lucky enough to get a free pass or sneak away).

Excitement and shivers do not even begin to explain our excitement into dreamy, fluttery, Edwardville!!!!!!
The Army is coming!!!! Victoria is here!!!!

Will Bella say yes to Edward? Will she say yes to Jacob? (Geeze Bella! Make up your mind already!)


Team Edward or Jacob?

Decisions, Decisions!

Go see it!!! Take all your girls...get lost in love (and wolves..yum)

xoxo things we heart!!!!!

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