Monday, June 21, 2010

Beauty Beat: Beach Beauty Bag

Hey there you beautiful beach bum.
Sad because the weekend is over?

Well, here is a great way to spend your week getting ready for next weekend and all the rest of these delicious summer days.

Grab your pretty new "Jane Birkin-esque" straw basket, and load it up with all of your beach and pool beauty essentials!

Because if we have told you once, we have told you twice. The sun may warm your heart and lift up your soul... But it will kick your skin's ass into next Monday if you are not careful!

So the first thing in your bag should be a really great really strong sunblock.
We really love Alba Botanicals SPF 45 Water Proof lotion.
A. It is natural
B. It smells like lavender
C. If you rub enough onto your skin.... You start to look like Jessica Alba.
(*May not work for the non-dellusional)

Slap a little Stilla SPF on your face in the morning before you leave. But keep it in your bag for re-application. The key to Sunblocks working is that you put them on more then once a day, like lipgloss you have to be vigilant in your reapplication.

To even out your skin, you could use this great Laura Mercer tinted moisturizer.

We have also heard great things about this Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation although we have yet to try it.

But, just because that pretty little kisser of yours has protection don't think you don't need a big floppy beach hat. A stylish wide brimmed hat is way cheaper and less painful then a chemical skin peel!

Speaking of kissers, protect your pout with Miss Me's favorite... Fresh's Sugar lips!

You can go clear or Rose, but both of these lip balms have a yummy lemon-ish flavor and an SPF 15 so reapply, reapply after every salty sea water kiss.

Our favorite handy dandy SPF tool, is the fun and easy-as-pie Peter Thomas Roth instant mineral SPF 45!

Just brush this over your face, neck, and decollete at every chance you get for 100% non-greasy sun protection. Miss Me is constantly chasing her family with this brush trying to get their ears covered.... Everyone always forgets the ears!

If you are like the TWH gals.... Then a day without eyeliner is like a day without food.
Make sure you pack a really good, really water proof eyeliner in your pretty little bag.

Dior has a really good one.

Now for the finishing touch.... Your beach hair.

Here are a few of our favorite beachy-pool-summer styles.

Easy waves... Yummy.

Messy pony.

Braids into waves.... Double yummy.

And for the true bad-asses out there... Girly dreads.
(*Side note, in 94' with the help of Cindy Crawford and House of Style, Miss Me actually rocked "Faux Dreads" in her purple manic panic hair to the beach... And felt pretty darn cool.)

However you decide to wear your hair, protect those pretty locks from UV rays with Fekkai Coiff.

Remember there is a beach goddess inside all of us!

Keep protected, keep the makeup to the barest minimal...

Have fun! Next weekend will be here before you know it!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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