Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Hearts: Kung Fu.. And Kung Fu films.

There is Mr. Miss Me's favorite Kung Fu....

The two tiny, junior Mr. Miss Me's favorite Kung Fu....

And now we have the brand new Karate Kid turned Kung Fu...

And yes, we will take your Kung Fu anyway you want to serve it.
Because we are desperately in love with the fluid and graceful movements of this martial art.

When you mix these awe inspiring, gravity defying stunts with the breathtaking beauty of the Chinese landscape... You have us 100%.

If you want to see the most beautiful images you have ever seen.

If you want to be awed by the most insane art direction and set design and costumes.

Do yourself a favor and watch House of Flying Daggers.
We promise you will not be sorry. And really, if you are we feel sorry for you.

Hello, Hero.

It is almost too much beauty to take.

When you say beauty and Kung Fu in the same breath...

You have to say Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Love stories beyond measure and serious ass-kicking? What makes a better couples movie night?

But it is not all stunning vistas and forbidden love.
Some films are just serious ass-kicking badness!

And as a girl I am ok with that sometimes... especially if Bruce Lee comes into the picture.

Bruce, that body is just redic! totes redic.

And you can have a laugh with Kung Fu too.

Pretty Much anything with Jackie Chan is good for a snuggle up and giggle movie fest.
So pretty much, what we are trying to say is... We love you Kung Fu.

Show no Mercy.... Keep sending the Kung Fu our way.

Next up... The Last Air Bender.
We are so super excited for this.. One of our favorite cartoons,
made into a epic live action film by one of our favorite ever directors....

Yes, the principal cast is strangely devoid of Asian actors....
O.K yes Dev Patel is holding it down for the Continent, but somehow we never caught on the the Fire Nation was India. Hmmm.

Maybe the actress playing Katara is Russian... Considered Asian in Hollywood?
Regardless we are super excited to see this one!

Everybody go Kung Fu fighting...

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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